Is the most idiotic matchmaking system I ever seen in any competitive game so far.

Today I had a highlight of it. Imagine two players, one (me) having ELO rating around 1140 or so and another one having ELO rating around 1600.

According to ELO ranking system the probability of the second player to win is very big. But for some reason stupid dumb QL matchmaking system thinks that player 1 (me) is actually much stronger - the server with person 2 is colored by gray and has down arrow icon.

Curious as hell, I joined the game and of course the player crushed me with 30:0 or something like that, although he had ping 90, and I had around 50. Needless to say that according to ELO rating such outcome was totally predictable - and I was both outaimed and outsmarted during that game.

So after this pity account I am finally convinced that QL matchmaking system means jack shit, and those who created it are either heavy drugs abusers or alcoholics who were hired by id CEO who needed to have drinking partners.

But the most hilarious moment awaited me when I returned from the game to my QL home screen. Based on results of this duel (i lost 0 to 30, let me remind you) I was promoted from tier 3 in duel to tier 4. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT, ID SOFTWARE???

tl;dr When you choose an opponent to play, use rating exclusively, built-in QL matchmaking doesn't mean jack shit.