Apparently BF3 is awesome.
Now, the first thing I have to say about BF3 is this: The game is eye-meltingly gorgeous. This is not a random metaphor, my eyes are literally melting. Having played the game non-stop for a week, I can feel the gelatinous centres beginning to bubble.

In other news I discovered you only need to go to the Quake Live website to play the game. Who knew? Turned out "Sujoy" and "Suj" were both taken so that's me screwed. I've never played a game without my own name. I eventually got over it, picked a suitable fakenick, and played Quake for the first time in five years. I was suprised that the game felt totally natural. I didn't even remember that my last game was Quake 4. I guess Q3 lives on even after you leave it behind. I've only got a laptop to play on, a shabby old mousepad, and a WMO that cuts out for a few seconds every five minutes... and it's still loads of fun. I can tell because my girlfriend was complaining about my "gaming addiction" on the very first day. I'm going to find another WMO and mousepad in my boxogoodies that's been gathering dust in the cupboard and get playing properly soon.