Remember that old movie Hombre it was called when one particular very young lady was all around the bandit and then when he wanted to show her back appreciation she ran away?

As I stayed again for the XXXth time with this wonderful girl -and I am doing her a big dishonour by using such poor general description, don't have words to explain how I see her, what do I feel when I just can't take my eyes away from her... (put any dirty word you want here) -she layed a bit more relaxed on the bus chair (which I have to use it every goddamn evening now to get home (evening=kinda @ night, abt 12 a clock ^^)) -so she found a better position, and with her eyes 78% closed she watched right at me, 5 meters in front of me, right side; I couldn't restrain myself but to respond the same way for a few seconds; she looked at me in such way that I had the feeling that God himself (this bastard again) is looking at me, of curse this must be some kind of strange genetical response talking abt compatibile bodies, etc;

Now how many times did I seen that look? It is not funny I guess. Gives me slight memory of: Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back

Nothing extraordinary till here. In a very strange coincidence our homes are kinda close, every evening it is happening to catch us both on our ways home between 12-1 AM, we are finding ourselfs marching alone in the dark at night; this is masochistic romantism =/
yesteday evening (=sigh*night) it was one of those countless times when I was walking towards my home between 2-3 and 50 m behind her, and she always happens to do this strange zig-zag move leaving a bit the tiny path parallel to mine and then she return on hers, after irrationally crossing the distance between right through the grass, some day she will fall in a hole lol (she maybe has some guidance error?)

So we march home a few meters distance between, sometimes I go faster other times she do the same (last saturday she stopped without any apparent reason and then I walked right away almost touching her but I did not dare to look at her, she pretended I wasn't there too)

Sometimes she does look in the bus at me for a fraction of a second and then looks forward with a discrete blush on her beautiful face and then we walk out of the bus and every time when I am near the church she is looking back at me to assure I am there.

I admit there are a lot of things crossing through my head (or whatever organ). Sometimes I think that I should talk her on our way home and just invite her to my home (she observed I leave nearby) proposing her to exercise her Sasha Grey skills or to assure her that I will oral-sexed her and that she can leave whenever she wants (a fast fuck her parents would not even notice, thinking that the bus had a few minutes (seconds!) delay or that she walked slow -guidance errors ftw). But then I think such a silly idea, a serious person like myself who does play quake and talk with losers on esr can't do or talk or both such things to such a wonderfull girl. But then I remember again how once when she was sitting on the chair near me (she didn't have alternative the bus was packed and it was the only chair left) she undressed one of her blouses, temperature reasons, and was putting the blouse around her weist and the 2nd blouse she was wearing was disarmed by the superbe shape of her boobs. She noticed what she was doing as she blushed a bit while looking up with the impression of what the hell it would be too warm otherwise.

Some evenings I think I should not look at her anymore and with this in mind she barely look at me, sometimes I completely forget, reading or watching out the window but then she comes up the bus and I am like "fuck!" and I feel a bit like my chest is going to explode, and think "c'mon..., not again! I supposed to have such a nice night!".

What is your opinion on this?
Should I say her that I play quakelive and that rapha and cypher are at a different level compared to old quake players, should I run her through the bushes?
or should I try to impress her by telling that I know jamerio or invite her at my home for cockriding training?

Should I ask her if she tried Militia? Or just get into a normal conversation (pffff... )?
What would you do?

P.S.: keep it serious people, I will consider any of these masturbation suggestions or allusion to cooller babies good reasons to put you on ignore (heartfeellings..)