So, as of yesterday, I have now finished uni \o/ all that is left is to wait for my final marks then graduate. This term I had:
Game Development: The coursework was pretty hardcore (14 days in total; 11 of them doing long hours) but overall I got 100% for my QL ripoff! The labs were also easy so my average for that module is 100% (no exam) \o/
Computer Animation: I found this pretty shit. Didn't like the interface of the software (Blender) and the tidousness of manipulating shapes. My coursework for this had to be something from the future; personally I marked my 'domesticated robot' at 60%~ but somehow he gave me 100%...completely weird, lowest I've heard so far is 90. Even if I had gotten 60% for this though it wouldn't have mattered since it's only worth 33% and I got max lab marks (7%) and the exam (60%) was so easy (85+); it's the 2nd easiest exam I've had since being at uni.
Testing and Reliable Software Engineering: Bunch of generic shit about agile/automated testing. Broken into 2 halves the one was pretty easy while the other is just about how much you can BS pretty much. Should be a low first.
Natural Language Processing and Applications: Easily the worst exam this term. How computers interpret language & translate between them~ I think the saddest part of this module is that I realised how bad my English was. Just Googled and found out that 'has' is a verb rather than an adverb :<<< marks lost there.

Only other thing I had this term was to hand in my final year project. It was a simple module database with PHP and bits of JS~ took an easy project, was lazy with it, hoping for a 2:1 (60-69%). I coded over one bit of useful functionality which could have maybe pushed it above 70% if I didn't include those extra 5 lines~ :<<< 100 page report along with it too `-`.

Cruising to the top grade although I doubt I'm close to the top scorer (some Indian machine).

Premier League football! Who do you think/want to be relegated? I'm hoping Fergie tells his players to lose so Blackpool stay up. Ideally Wigan would win and Wolves & Brum would lose then they both get relegated but I'd settle for one of them with Wigan.