The esl2Germany national duel league received an immense response from the community with 130 participants from Germany Germany, Austria Austria and Switzerland Switzerland. It is the biggest duel league in Quake Live with players from all skill levels and it is about to start this Monday with it's first match week.

Wednesday and Thursday night will be the last chance for numerous players to participate in the second league. Germany SL grave, Germany jilly, Germany DkH bldr and Germany mTw roxXx are just a few names to mention for the qualification to the second division.

First cup: Wednesday 01/26
The cup is done and Germany jilly took the first spot for the second division by winning the cup. Videos of all streamed matches can be found here:

The second cup today: Thursday 01/27
Start: 19.00 CET
Grid: 16 players, Double Elimination
Map rule: 1st round is played Best Of 1 (Details here)
Stream: Germany Teamoxid

You can find further details about the tournaments in today's ESL news post (German).

Official coverage partner: Germany fragster, Germany readmore, Germany
Official streams: Europe Level Up, Europe ESL TV, Germany BloodyWarriors, Germany Teamoxid