Hi everyone.
Im still choosing myself new mouse :) Looking for something small(fingertip grip). So i have few questions about my choices.

Razer Abyssus. Many people tell that sensor used in 3.5G optical mice is shitty. I only heard thats because it jitters on cloth mouse pads. Is that all why they call it shitty? Or is there something else?

Razer Spectre(should be out soon). Its Razer laser mouse with 5.6k dpi... I assume its using Philips Twin-Eye. I will use fingertip grip so i will not rise my mouse too often. I will not also use super high dpi(will use like 800-1200). Will i have big problems with that Z-axis issue? I also heard about mouse cursor dancing to music. Is that all what i have to know before buying mouse with that sensor or not?

Its not the only my choices, i am also choosing between Razer Salmosa(hard to find, has prediction), Roccat Kova(prediction), Roccat Pyra(weird sensor position), Logitech g9x(acceleration) and even cheap Logitech m90/m100.

Thanks to everyone who will reply me.