So as many years CRT user I bought this display as I wanted something bigger than 19" and there seems to be a lot of hype about new Benq with all that LED stuff etc... Here is my opinion about it:

* with instant mode off, AMA off: it feels horribly blurry - near impossible for quake - though colors look OK, which means not that bad considering it's a TN panel but not great. Just acceptable. The same goes for viewing angles.

* instant mode ON, AMA off: bluring is mostly eliminated, but here comes the ghosting, so in dynamic scenes colors become quite crappy (white becomes yellowish at edges etc.)

* instant mode ON, AMA on: here it feels best as far as responsiveness goes, however the colors in dynamic scenes are even crappier meaning complete crap -> the PQ is horrible, that is when compared to how it would look on CRT and this is quite annoying
Even if is definitely much! better than any 60Hz panel for quake due to the messed colors it somehow doesn't feel as silky smooth as 120 Hz CRT

So is this supposed to be the best that 120 Hz LCDs can offer ? OK I knew there will be some compromises and that it will not be like (advertised) CRT experience, but still - is this the best they can do ? To me the ghosting is quite distracting during gameplay and it also feels lame that after so many years gaming! LCDs are still inferior to even the cheapest CRT.

Please can anyone tell me if other 120Hz displays suffer with the same problems ? (I guess yes but there are probably some differences) I would also like to know if there exist some IPS panels - for general usage (60Hz - not quake) that have low blurring and ghosting (and possibly low input lag). Is it possible that 120 Hz IPS monitors when they come (and I hope they will come) will be better in those regards ? Without need for retarded tricks like "AMA" or "Instant mode" ? Or is this just the limitation of LCD technology ?

PS: and the OSD menu buttons are definitely the worst I've ever seen on any monitor, very difficult to use and any attempts to set things from software have failed so far.