Yeah, I spelt it without a U because of firefox's gayed American spelling correction but screw it, I'm just going to say coloUr for the rest of this thread to cheese many of you off

Anyway, in another pointless thread serving nothing more then "well, I fancied bringing up the subject" I was watching the Formula 1 practices this morning. They aren't aired on TV but online but have drivers commentating on it (usually reserve/test drivers for the actual manufacturers racing that day). Today they had as usual Anthony Davidson (Mercedes) and Karun Chandhok (Hispania Racing).

Anyway, to come to this topic, they mentioned that much of the onboard equipment in the cars such as gear change lights, switches, various other steering wheel components and cockpit things are being switched from the common red colour to light blue because they did 'scientific tests' that showed that the 'human eye is more receptive to the colour blue' (I use quotation marks because that's what they said not me to avoid someone going off on one :P). Anyway, has anyone else heard of this (I did some searches around for it and couldn't really find anything) and does anyone actually use a blue crosshair or enemy model?

edit: just for the sake of it, here's a picture of a replica F1 2010 Ferrari wheel:
Hands up who can guess which bit is sticking out the most :P

Here's another really interesting comparison from the F1 world. Same car, different drivers.
One driver (Mark Webber) has opted to stay with the old red lights for gear change (watch closely for the mid top bit of his cockpit):
The other (Sebastian Vettel) is using the new blue lights system:

It came to me noticing that many times I've seen pictures of whoever Quake player at a LAN over their shoulder, they typically have a green keel/bright with a light blue upper body (although I think a couple use a black upper body iirc). I also noticed that many of my favorite 'aimer' players to watch use light blue crosshairs. Probably a coincidence but I thought I'd give it a try for a while. Now, I'd say it's placebo, but with a light blue crosshair in various games, I actually found it a bit easier. It just kind of sticks out a bit more without you paying so much attention to it. Of the searches I did do on the subject, the only one I could find that had any relevance was that 'the colour blue has a stronger cognitive reaction' (that in laymens term I guess is that it's just more noticeable on a less conscious level)

Anyway, TL;DR?
I'm bored, so making a thread of what crosshair colour/enemy model are you using?
Also, if you've got nothing better to do and don't use a light-blue crosshair (guessing most don't), try it and say whatcha think