Not even 1mb! All Text Based!

Screenshot: (Hotkeys/Keyboard Menu)

Movie: (Camera ViewZ)

Elements of War: 1337 Board
Version 7
By Curtis Turner <IceIYIaN>

1337 Board is a simple modification to Gold Source and Source based engines, changing the keyboard menu(Options menu in games, you know, where you change your hotkeys)! Also packing in countless config files!

Features Include:
Over 9,000 hotkeys to create the -ULTIMATE- config!
New ways to attack!!!
Change the Camera View of -ANY- Gold Source or Source game/mod!
- First Person
- Third Person
- Top Down View
- Side View
- Left/Right Shoulder View
- Even Create Your Own
Combo Commands! +Speed_Use, +Duck_Block, etc
Exec countless config files on the fly
Extreme X-Box 360 xController support
Countless HUD options to help you view the game in a whole new way.
Cheat commands built in, no need to fiddle around in the console or searching online.
Graphic and Sound options. (Left 4 Dead split screen)
Easy to edit, use any text editor, like NotePad or ConTEXT.
Open Source - Edit and send this file out however you want, include it in your games/mods/whatever!
One simple file, countless video games covered. Who needs Steam Cloud?

What's in 1337 Board?
CFG Folder:
Valve.cfg (This will "Exec xCFG/Aliases/xAliases_Manifest.cfg - IMPORTANT to 1B)
Valve.rc (This will "Exec xCFG/Aliases/xAliases_Manifest.cfg - IMPORTANT to 1B)
xConfig.cfg (Console Variables)
xAiming.cfg (xMouse/xController aiming speed, used with Third Person commands)

Settings_BrokeN // Screen Saver
User // Screen Saver (Advanced Multi-Player Options)

xCFG // FOLDER (Countless ConfigZ.cfg)

kb_act (Keyboard/Hotkeys Menu)
kb_act_OTHER (Hotkeys for other games, HL2/CS:S/WoW/Whatever)If this software doesn't make you more powerful than your enemies can possibly imagine, return your copy for double the money you paid. (It's FREE, don't ban me :P)

As you become part of the Raging BunnieZ, unleash your new abilities on pubic servers, against your friends, rise in league play, and destroy your LAN! Find a new career in E-SportZ, as you gain countless amounts of cash!

1337 Board - How do you play the game?

Don't own a Valve Software title?
How about one of these instead?
Note: MAINLY designed for Source/Gold Source! Not really suggested for other engines/games/mods, but it can be useful. Any game using Quake/Source's Config.cfg system should work in theory.
Elements of War
007 nf QoS
American McGee's Alice
Call of Duty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Counter-Strike 1 cz s
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Dark Salvation
Day of Defeat 1 s
DeathMatch c
Doom 3
Garry's Mod
GunIYIaN Chronicles
Half-Life 1 2 of bs ep1 ep2 s
Heavy Metal:FAKK2
Heretic 2(?)
HeXeN 2
Iron Grip: Warlord
Jedi Knight ja 2jo
Left 4 Dead 1 2 3
Medal of Honor xxx
Quake 1 2 3 4 Live ET:QW
Sin Episodes
Soldier of Fortune
Star Trek: vef ef2
Tactical Intervention
Team Fortress c 2
The Ship
Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines
Wolfenstein(?) - Enemy Territory / Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Zeno Clash

Not Released:
Nuclear Dawn
The Crossing

Alien Arena
Yadda Yadda...

Anything id, Valve

World of WarCraft
For the always latest version of hotkeys/macros see:

EPIC -ASDF- HotkeyZ ConfiG
A = Back
S = Forwards
D = Strafe Left
F = Strafe Right
Space = Jump
QWERT = Abilities 12345
ZXCVB = Abilities 678910
Alt Scroll Down/Up = Camera Zoom In/Out
Scroll Down/Up = Best abilities
Among countless other hotkeys

PowerfuL -WarrioR- MacroZ ToO
MACRO 15 "KiLL" Spell_Shadow_CorpseExplode
#showtooltip Heroic Strike
/targetenemyplayer [noharm][dead]
/use [equipped:Thrown] Throw; Shoot
/use Heroic Strike

MACRO 16 "Charge" Spell_Fire_BlueFlameBolt
#showtooltip Charge
/targetenemyplayer [noharm][dead]
/use Charge
/use Victory Rush

Spelling/Typo ErrorZ FixeD
Countless Third Person options changed for Source engine 2010
kb_act (Hotkeys Menu)
Heavily updated.

"#Localization_English" CUT. Instead you'll see the actual command in many places
aka "+attack"

Commented out ---> // "Exec xCFG/Custom Configs"
Among others

kb_actCSs; kb_actL4D; kb_actWoW; whatever all clumped into
kb_act_OTHER and kb_act_SOUND(Sound Scapes)

cfg (Config Folder)
Added all default configs(Config.cfg, Server.cfg, Yadda)

Valve.cfg (Age of Chivalry/Dark Messiah overwrites this. Meaning no alias commands could be used.)
So if Valve.rc is overwritten, exec Valve.cfg (NOT IN THE GAME, may reconnect, unsure why)

xController.cfg updated quite a bit

With the addition of ++attack and -attack over the traditional +attack/-attack,
++attack wouldn't allow +attack/-attack. -attack wasn't being executed.
So, -+/-Attack_Force has been added
alias +Attack_Force "Exec xCFG/xDefault/xAliases/xAttack_Force.cfg"
alias -Attack_Force "-attack"


This has led to other hotkeys such as


Now, I'm not sure how well these hotkeys actually work
Consider +Jump_Jump


A hotkey like that doesn't work
(A Quake player has stated holding +jump actually slows you down, I just thought you might be interested in that tidbit)

World of WarCraft:
MacroZ heavily updated
Hotkeys remain the same I believe. Some might wanna swap the camera controls, as I wasn't really feeling the
zooming and instant camera locations. But I haven't really been playing and my mouse is broke...
kb_actWoW is in kb_act_OTHER, but isn't finished at all, still useless.