The Avalon-Clan, hoster of the [AVA]-CA-Trophy, has published a ranking of all european clanarena teams that has been active in 2010.

All major competitions are processed in this ranking.

There is a factsheet with the rules of the calculation available too, and the first two weeks of the ranking.

This week the Clanbase Opencup starts so we will have much more activity and moves in the upcoming ranking next monday.

The current Top10

01. 9,037 Europe Procedemus
02. 8,093 France Ownage unit [of] cheating homosexuals!
03. 7,219 France fusion.ql
04. 6,400 SwedenVictims of Society
05. 5,666 Europe Chaos Crew
06. 5,417 Spain Lame Mind
07. 4,942 Liechtenstein Avalon-Clan
08. 4,650 Poland Kill Revenge Survive
09. 4,607 Poland #ZLO
10. 4,152 Spain 7th Art

The Avalon-Clan will update the list every monday about 12 cet.