The Korean Starcraft scene is being rocked by the biggest e-sports scandal in history, with allegations of match fixing involving A-list players and eSport betting sites. News is pouring in from various sources (as are tears of betrayel from Savior fans), but hard facts thin on the ground. Its a complete circus right now, but to jump into the rumour mill anyway, click the link below.

"Apparently a number of current pro gamers has been found involved in match set-ups and illegal betting after being in contact with an illegal gambling group. Unidentified pro gamers has been found illegally leaking team's replay files and intentionally losing matches. Teams involved are currently taking measures to oust the offending members and forcing more serious offenders to retire. Rumors speculate a vast number of A-listers are of those being punished including Savior, AKA Ma Jae Yoon."