Once again, we asked the NA QuakeLive community if they wanted a TDM 2v2 Season 2, and the response was solid. I want to thank all the teams who signed up. As stated previously, we are trying something a little different for Season 2. For obvious reasons, we are using two separate competition levels: Pro and a Pro-2B.

* Matches will begin Monday night starting 7-10 pm CST - on 02.22.10.
* At least 1 match from each level will be casted every Monday by QL.TV or GameFire.
* Private servers will be made available for competing teams to scrim/practice and play their matches.
* Any questions are to be directed to the head admin sirdark at mIRC irc.gamesurge.net #quakenight.

Head to quakenight.com to view the Week 1 matches. Good luck to all teams and as always, play, record demos, ggs, and have fun.