Update: The season has started, go to http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1789867
You can still sign up for the waiting list though.

As i wrote earlier, i am organizing a Quake Live Due League for the ESR guys. Players will be divided in different division (~8 players each, but depending on signups) and have ~4 weeks to play their bo3 matches whenever they find the time. So this should be fun for everyone. More precise rules will follow, but you get the idea and there wont be anything special, the leage will use the standard mappool, etc...

Please use the following format to sign up:
!add <ql-account>

Signups will be open for one week, so they close Sunday the 22th Nov. I will then do the seeding and adjust it based on feedback. Hopefully everything goes fast enough to start the following week.

Players can/should meet at mIRC #esr.ql

Germany Nukm
United Kingdom six16 (d3c4y)
Poland mefajpe
United Kingdom GreenMeanie
Ireland Deliasz
Iceland hnns (ac: Grettir)
South Africa tB0nE
Lithuania yo_O
Sweden Torzelan
United Kingdom YOSEN
France He4rTL3sS
Germany deotrip
Sweden Murre
Czech Republic Valvalis
Poland madbringer
Sweden dubcat (ac: knallpulver)
Sweden Dronar
United Kingdom skint
Sweden TwenTY
Sweden ulbe
Sweden peaz_
United Kingdom Dird
Switzerland Memento_Mori
Greece InDepther
Czech Republic lukke
Sweden warchild
Norway netrex
United Kingdom tKy
Ukraine sk4ut
Lithuania son1dow
Netherlands hkrep
Sweden funnyb
Sweden hyddeman
Germany shqdow
Croatia Lethe
United Kingdom ShadyAK
Russia DarthShader
United Kingdom slunge (ac: Slu)
Norway primax
Sweden ani
Sweden ddfu
Sweden azmo
Luxembourg svr (ac: maertz)
Sweden Lejoon
Germany vash
Sweden lock (ac: mefa)
United Kingdom kAi
Germany swine
Poland Grumx
Latvia fuzz (ac: timotei)
Sweden litium
Poland n1kon
Slovakia patrikkorda
Sweden Nirtal
Finland rawx
United Kingdom Xanhast (ac: xht)
United Kingdom xyloe
Belgium Morrigu
Italy s3cco (ac: Asdu)
Greece eZ (ac: eZgr)
Czech Republic ___HELL___ (ac: nvck)
Sweden snelvovve

Waiting List:
Poland brumu (~div 3)
Czech Republic sensor_ (0 games played :( no idea)
Lithuania Froggy (ac: varliukas) (~div 4-5 ?)
Netherlands Terifire (~div 2+)
Latvia kipeens (~div 4)
Sweden nirra (~div4)