Update: This post is outdated because the season has started, go to http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1789867

The ESR Community QL League is going to start at Wednesday the 25th Nov. The 63 players will compete in 6 divisions.
The following shows my best try to fairly match the players into the devisions by skill. For the next two days, i am going to tweak the list based on feedback i get in this post or at irc. the more opinions/suggestions i hear, the better divisions we get, the more fun everyone will have. The rules will be added tomorrow. Although the signups are closed, i will do a waiting list to compensate for dropouts.

Players can/should meet at mIRC #esr.ql

Div #1 :
Sweden ani
Czech Republic Valvalis
Sweden dubcat - (QL-account: knallpulver)
Sweden peaz_
United Kingdom YOSEN
Croatia Lethe
Poland Grumx
France He4rTL3sS
Sweden funnyb
Sweden litium
Sweden snelvovve

Div #2 :
Germany shqdow
Sweden warchild
Ireland Deliasz
Sweden azmo
Lithuania yo_O
Sweden ddfu
United Kingdom slunge - (QL-account: Slu)
Sweden Murre
Sweden Nirtal
Sweden Torzelan
Belgium Morrigu

Div #3 :
South Africa tB0nE
Germany Nukm
Switzerland Memento_Mori
United Kingdom six16
Iceland hnns - (QL-account: Grettir)
Czech Republic lukke
Finland rawx
United Kingdom skint
Poland mefajpe
Sweden Dronar
Netherlands hkrep

Div #4 :
Germany deotrip
United Kingdom tKy
Luxembourg svr - (QL-account: maertz)
Germany swine
Germany vash
United Kingdom kAi
Sweden lock - (QL-account: mefa)
Canada Gillz
Norway primax
United Kingdom xyloe
Sweden Lejoon

Div #5 :
Russia DarthShader
United Kingdom GreenMeanie
Sweden TwenTY
Norway netrex
Sweden hyddeman
Slovakia patrikkorda
Greece InDepther
Italy s3cco - (QL-account: Asdu)
Poland n1kon

Div #6 :
United Kingdom Dird
Poland madbringer
Greece eZ - (QL-account: eZgr)
Latvia fuzz - (QL-account: timotei)
Lithuania son1dow
United Kingdom ShadyAK
United Kingdom Xanhast - (QL-account: xht)
Czech Republic ___HELL___ - (QL-account: nvck)
Ukraine sk4ut