(If your Jonesy indicator just went. That was intentional ;) )

We hear a lot of those going round lately and made me think about them in general.
And I'm starting to think many people believe in these as a replacement for religion.

Think about it:

Arguably most religions started because people saw something which they couldn't explain themselves. Then someone came along and offered an explanation involving higher powers, often involving bad and evil.

Conspiracy theories always have a powerful evil.

Religious people often try to use everything they can find to prove their belief. However, any contrary arguments either ignored completely or waved away with sentences like "God's ways are mysterious".

Conspiracy theorists will not believe any opposing arguments or fact, because they can simply claim the evil power manufactured facts, let evidence dissappear or influenced people.

In normal discussions, every so often you will a person admitting he was wrong and accept the opposing arguments.
I have not seen that happen with either Religion nor a conspiracy theory.
If people stop believing in those they always make that decision on their own.

I think 3. happens because of the following:
If you argue against them religious people will consider you below them as think they have seen the truth, while you haven't. So, they will not consider your arguments to be of equal value.
Likewise conspiracy theorists think they have seen the real truth while you have been fooled by the evil powers. Therefore, your arguments cannot be correct.

The psychological aspect. (Now this is even more opinionated)
Many people want to believe in a higher power because is relieves some of their responsibility for the own life. "God is watching over me", "God send this plague as a sign", Kind of in a "I have faith, I am holier than thou." - way.
Similariy, conspiracy theorists want to believe in an evil power because it makes them feel better. When they question the powers in charge and struggle against evil plots and "stupidity" among the "sheep", they feel as if they are fighting for Good against Evil. Like a wise man, teaching little children. You obviously can't have the self assuring feeling if you agree with the majority.

Ok, now. Am I the only one who thinks like that, or do others agree or have similar thoughts?
Or am I maybe paid by the US government as a sheperd?

Dicsuss, plz.