Hiya guys :)
Looooooooong time no see :) don't think I've been on here for a number of years. Been off the gaming and PC scene for some time now and my knowledge of things is pretty retarded. My little brothers just given me his old PC components so I've built this PC that I'm typing from now :) its a DFI lan pary board with an AMD 4000 64bit and I think the current graphics card is a geforce 7900 GT - I'm sooooo out of touch with things now its unreal :) I was so clued up back in the quake 2 and 3 days :D haha. Anways, the graphics cards screwed - its not behaving properly at all. It needs replacing, whats the best thing to go for at the minute to suit this setup which I prosume is pretty old already :) I only wanna spend around 40-50 or there abouts. I also need some ram as well, we had to stick some old shabby ram in this just to make "do". The boards DDR 400 so I need a recommendation of a gig of ram and a cheap PCI express graphics card from you guys. Need to order these parts "now" - tonight, so quic replays please! :) thanks guys!
I've dug out my old 1.1a wheel mouse, DKT pad and my copy of Quake 3 :D at the ripe old age of 26 I'm gunna see'f I can still hit a rail and hold a shaft :) haha! :) Maybe have alook at some of the new games as well.
Cheers guys - sorry for rambling :)