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hnns What mouse do you use? Logitech MX518
hnns Timer direction for streams Counting Up
hnns Dreamhack MVP linkje
hnns DH TDM Favorite coman
hnns MG Damage in TDM 5 dmg
hnns SG Balance Keep it as it is
hnns CB EC XXII: MVP 4K* Krysa
hnns Kaspersky Award Cypher
hnns QuakeLive CTF 4v4 or 5v5 ? 5v5
hnns What QL account would you pay for ? Premium account
hnns Would you pay a subscription for QL? Yes
hnns Least competitive duel QL map? [1] qztourney9 - The House of Decay
[2] qztourney7 - Furious heights
[3] qzdm6 - Campgrounds Redux
[4] ztntourney1 - Blood Run
[5] qzdm13 - Lost World
hnns IEM4 World Finals winner? cypher
hnns Who will be the IEM Asian Champion? Jibo (CN)
hnns Which would you Spectate? Team Deathmatch
hnns Current Web Browser Chrome
hnns Should we let Streetrunner post news? Yes
hnns Which comeback would you rather see? Fatal1ty
hnns Who will win in Dubai (poll)?
hnns Most suitable QL duel map [1] DM13
[2] ZTN
[3] T4
[4] T7
[5] T9
hnns What mode for QL EMS5? TDM
hnns When did you start visiting ESReality? 2001
hnns Who will win QuakeCon '09? LLL*fox
hnns What r_picmip for ESL-TV stream? r_picmip 5
hnns Which game mode do you play the most? Duel
hnns QL CTF Format 5v5
hnns QL Duel Mappool Replace qztourney7
hnns Clanbase QuakeLive TDM settings Change to Q3-ish settings
hnns gillz french
hnns Which notable events do you remember? XSReality becoming ESReality
Cl0ck caught cheating
The Blue bug
Kdawg hacking the site
ESReality Mousescore 2007
CPL Disbanding
The end of [-]
hnns Does kgb cheat? No way! Shut up clan519
hnns ESWC Q3 maplist poll Keep pro-q3tourney4
Keep pro-nodm9
hnns US presidential election, 2008 Barack Obama
hnns Who will win ESWC MoA av3k
hnns Who will one day win a big tournament ? fox
hnns Who will win ESWC? [1] Cypher
[2] fox
[3] chance
hnns ESWC maps Ztn3tourney1
hnns GameGune Top 3 Predictions [1] fojji
[2] RazerJ
[3] Cooller
hnns The future of OSP and VQ3 Update OSP with bugfixes (see #1)
hnns ESWC Masters was :)
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