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Quetz_ru Do you want Clan Arena in Quake Champions? No
Quetz_ru Quake Champions Beta Impressions Unsure
Quetz_ru When were you introduced to quake? 2000-2005
Quetz_ru Donations to send duelers to QC'14 Yes
Quetz_ru DHW13 - Best Frag Award Gienon 1
Quetz_ru 125 FPS Showmatch - k1llsen vs av3k k1llsen
Quetz_ru 125 FPS ShowMatch#1 Poll: evil vs strenx evil 4-3
Quetz_ru Poll-125 FPS Showmatch#1strenx vs agent strenx 5-2
Quetz_ru What mouse do you use? Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
Quetz_ru Timer direction for streams Counting Up
Quetz_ru QL subscription renewal Renew subscription
Quetz_ru DH Duel Favorite Cypher
Quetz_ru Quakelive subscription Yes I love that game
Quetz_ru Best spectator 1v1 map [1] DM6
[2] ZTN
[3] DM13
[4] T7
[5] T9
Quetz_ru IEM4 World Finals winner? cypher
Quetz_ru Current Web Browser Firefox
Quetz_ru Spawns & Timelimit 10 minutes
Quetz_ru Which comeback would you rather see? toxjq
Quetz_ru Most suitable QL duel map [1] T9
[2] CA2
[3] T7
[4] DM13
[5] ZTN
Quetz_ru Who will win QuakeCon '09? LLL*fox
Quetz_ru What r_picmip for ESL-TV stream? r_picmip 5
Quetz_ru What cg_fov for ESL-TV stream? cg_fov 105
Quetz_ru Which game mode do you play the most? Duel
Quetz_ru QL Duel Mappool Replace qztourney6
Quetz_ru Lightning gun damage? 7-7-7
Quetz_ru ESWC Q3 maplist poll Replace two maps
Use pukka3tourney2
Use another new map
Keep pro-nodm9
Quetz_ru Favorite gameplay based on Q3? cpma vq3
Quetz_ru Who do you WANT to win ESWC masters? RazerJ
Quetz_ru Quake Live Mass newcomers to old vQ3! Im a believer
Quetz_ru xerp poll xerp -1/0 allowed, 1 banned
Quetz_ru Preferred Quake3 Movement CPMA, Movement at 85 FPS in OSP
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