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deathinfire Which Quake has your favourite movement Quake 2
deathinfire Performance Awards Poll [1] Best comeback
[2] Best unexpected performance
[3] Best match
[4] Best frag
[5] Best interview
deathinfire Zhu @ Dreamhack Yes
deathinfire Adroits duel map poll Bloodrun
deathinfire DreamHack Summer 2012 winner other
deathinfire DreamHack Winter 2011 Duel winner Insan3
deathinfire DreamHack Winter 2011 Gametype(s)? Team Deathmatch
deathinfire What mouse do you use? Logitech G9x / G9
deathinfire Timer direction for streams Counting Up
deathinfire DH Duel Favorite Cypher
deathinfire Increased Hitbox size Good
deathinfire What Quake Live Account do you have? Pro
deathinfire QuakeLive CTF 4v4 or 5v5 ? 5v5
deathinfire Would you pay a subscription for QL? No
deathinfire Which would you Spectate? Team Deathmatch
Capture the Flag
deathinfire Should we let Streetrunner post news? Why not?
deathinfire When did you start visiting ESReality? 2001
deathinfire What cg_fov for ESL-TV stream? cg_fov 110
deathinfire Which game mode do you play the most? Duel
deathinfire Why noctis left EMS4? He's not Rick Astley
deathinfire QL Duel Mappool Replace qztourney6
deathinfire Which notable events do you remember? Kdawg hacking the site
Thresh outvoted as Greatest Gamer
ESReality Mousescore 2007
CPL Disbanding
The end of [-]
Entry #36
deathinfire Does kgb cheat? I can't decide! (don't care)
deathinfire ESWC Q3 maplist poll Replace two maps
Use pukka3tourney2
Use another new map
Keep pro-q3dm6
deathinfire Favorite gameplay based on Q3? cpma cq3
deathinfire Who will one day win a big tournament ? Jibo
deathinfire ESWC maps Ztn3tourney1
deathinfire ESWC Finals top 3 predictions. [1] av3k
[2] Cypher
[3] RazerJ
deathinfire GameGune Top 3 Predictions [1] Av3k
[2] fojji
[3] RazerJ
deathinfire The future of OSP and VQ3 CPMA does the job
deathinfire ESWC Masters was :)
deathinfire Who do you WANT to win ESWC masters? ZeRo4
deathinfire GameGune Q3 Allstars Poll Toxic
deathinfire Is Forever right? Yes
deathinfire who would you rather be? Thresh at Red Annihilation (1997)
deathinfire Who is your least favourite ESR user Some other annoying idiot
deathinfire Quake Live I already own Q3 and got more mods/maps
deathinfire xerp poll xerp -1/0/1 allowed
deathinfire The CPL is no more The CPL owes me $10000 in prizes
deathinfire Best Q3 Video of all time? Something else
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