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MassMan Which comeback would you rather see? Fatal1ty
MassMan Who will win in Dubai (poll)? mouz.Cooller
MassMan Lightning gun damage? Don't care, just nerf it
MassMan cg_fov in CPM 116-120
MassMan Which notable events do you remember? The Blue bug
Thresh outvoted as Greatest Gamer
ESReality Mousescore 2007
Entry #36
MassMan Voice com for #cpmpickup games No, never.
MassMan Does kgb cheat? I can't decide! (don't care)
MassMan Is Forever right? I don't care
MassMan Who is your least favourite ESR user Some other annoying idiot
MassMan Quake Live CPM movements owns vq3 anyway
MassMan xerp poll Lets all switch to CQ3!
MassMan Severity... Will have a PainKiller sized community
MassMan vq3 vs CPM, OSP vs CPMA CPMA CPM
MassMan CPL to use 2ms TFT Screens I hate playing on TFT
MassMan Best Cooller Quote not my trouble
MassMan Who are the most annoying ESR users? melachi
*.ru & *.il
Quake 3
MassMan Mouse Sensitivity 10 cm and less
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