Spewing out dates for something without ever actually sticking to the 'deadline' seems to happen a lot lately. Sup with that?

A few examples:

Strenx 2011 - 3D:
Posted by mccormic (6 December 2011): Strenx 2011 - The movie is just around the corner!

Iirc strenx even mentioned in some interview that it should be released around DHW 2011.

Stermy - Life of a professional gamer:
Trailer was released August 2010...


Documentary of DHW 2011:
Posted by Fade06 (7 February 2012): ...it will come out in 3-2 weeks...
So this one should actually be released.. this week.


2GD LAN/showmatches:
Posted by 2GD (27 November 2011): Monthly Show matches for 500 bucks is confirmed, but the studio isnt built yet, It was ment to start August. plan now is Jan.
Organizing a LAN takes quite some time I suppose, but things got awfully quiet surrounding the showmatches.