Quake is Alive hosted by XTC Gaming, South Africa's first Quake Live Duel tournament in a very long time is planning on having all it's final games played today. There are only a few games left and they will be on stream.

South Africa Shase and South Africa Ph4ntom met up in the Winner Bracket Final and Ph4ntom managed to narrowly beat Shase. The Losers bracket final will be between Shase and South Africa Detrony.

There will be some div B games happening too, which has one of ESReality's regulars, South Africa tB0nE, waiting in the grand final for a challenger from the loser bracket.

Update: The Quake is alive tournament was completed yesterday, with ph4ntom predictably winning in the finals. See the VODs.

Links: Brackets Div. A, Brackets Div. B, xtcgaming