Well, I have seen a few posts about how to do ESR themes and even a few post about a new ESR theme or two, but I havent really seen a post with a big list of ESR themes before. So, anyone/everyone post your own personal ESR themes here. It will be nice to see the different color and graphical variances there are on the ESR site.

I will try to keep this main post updated with as many of the themes as possible.


Original: Click
Barrysworld: Click
BlueStorm: Click
Dark Theme: Click
French Frag: Click
Purple Haze: Click
RedAcid: Click
Spika Blue: Click
Spork's Angel: Click
Spork's Carp: Click
Spork's Sistine: Click
Spork's CS: Click
Spork's Bamboo: Click
Spork's PowerPuff Girls: Click
Spork's Thundercats: Click
Spork's #1: Click
Spork's #2: Click
Spork's #3 Click
Retro ESR/XSR #1 (light): Click
Retro ESR/XSR #2 (dark): Click
Wake-Up Neo Click
Xmas #1: Click
Xmas #2: Click
AshR's: Click
BLUEman's Click
droid's: Click
inuyasha's #1: Click
inuyasha's #2: Click
Jaffeh's Click
Ozh's: Click
Majestic's: Click
Mentat's: Click
p4ck3tloss's Click
Swelt's Click
ram0n's: Click
redd0t's: Click
will's: Click
zet's: Click

Click "Original" to reset your preferences back to the ESR default.

Please post your preference settings and not just some random comment, unless you are replying to someone elses preference setting comment.

Note: If you are wondering how you create preferences, click here. You can edit the colors for the entire site here. You can also edit gfx to match your colors by downloading this file. Edit all the gfx in that zip, then contact sujoy about uploading them to the ESR ftp.