Dimensions: 20.80 cm x 25.90 cm x 0.3 cm
Surface: Polyethylene plastic

AccuTrack is Allsop's new pad for 2005, with a surface that works perfectly for ball and optical mice, and has great quality of sliding. Accutrack bears resemblance to Everglide Giganta in shape which, apart from the fact that both pads are extremely fast, is the only thing that these two pads have in common. Somewhat small in size, this pad will not be a proper choice for gamers who prefer larger pads.

The package includes the pad with some details about the surface and its base. For the price, it is more than adequate.

The Accutrack is made of polyethylene plastic and rubber. A thin layer of plastic, which comes in several different colors and designs, provides a smooth and fast gliding surface. Its base is composed of three layers of rubber. Being a rough pad, the base provides extra grip and protects the desktop surface.

During the test, our impressions about this pad were mixed. Although not as fast as Giganta, AccuTrack’s surface still offered just enough resistance to allow for precise movements. In everyday tasks, surfing the net and such, the AccuTrack pad offered excellent quality for the price.

On the other hand, when we started some serious gaming the Accutrack showed us its one (and only) weak point – the size. To put it simply, AccuTrack is a bit smaller than it should be (and that is due to pad’s unusual shape). Sometimes when you get carried away part of your mouse slips off of the pad, which can be irritating at times and is really bad for your concentration. So with our attention divided between aiming and keeping the mouse on the pad, the fragging experience was slightly diminished. Even though the manufacturer claims that rounded surfaces increase usable mousing area, we will let the gamer be the judge of that. For those who do not make extreme mouse movements and those with smaller hands this pad will be an ideal companion to your PC, plus, you can chose from several predefined designs and colors. The one we tested had a silver liquid metal print and it matched the dull-gray color of our peripherals.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a pad that has fast sliding surface, that is colorful and unusually shaped, and you don’t mind its somewhat small size (or you simply don’t have enough room on your desk), AccuTrack MousePad is the right choice. Others might go for some bigger pads like Giganta, Q-Pad, etc…
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