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one of us passed away ;-( (69 comments)
Posted by roymagic @ 14:33 BST, 10 May 2018 - iMsg
For those who dont know yet. The dutch player d0gb0ne died by a heart attack way too early on tuesday.
As far as I know, he was in his middle 30s and for those who didnt know him, he was a fucking nice guy.

He was also the owner of the legendary european clan arena server "Amsterdamage 4on4 1600+", which some of you probably know.

Im sure the server will be shut down sooner or later.
I already talked to some of the usual players on his server and one will probably host a replacement, which will be called "d0gb0nes 1600+" or sth like that to hold up his legacy.

Dog, I hope you rest in peace.
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New Keyboard - Zowie Celeritas 1 and 2 (3 comments)
Posted by roymagic @ 21:36 BST, 30 April 2018 - iMsg
Some days ago, I started to notice something feels strange.
Movement in quake really felt weired and I noticed people were hitting unusual high shaft on me.

Finally I figured out my keyboard seems broken. Sometimes it doubles or triples my commands which leads to let me run or strafe straight into one direction for 1-2 secs which I dont like and fucks up my complete movement in shooter games and especially in quake.

I have an Zowie Celeritas 1 and tbh I cant really remember when I bought it. Maybe around 6 - 8 years ago? I cant tell exactly anymore.

So my first question is, is it "normal" these mechanical keyboards are done after this amount of time? I cant really remember if I ever broke a keyboard by just playing before.

Because I always was statisfied with my Celeritas 1, I decided to go for the Celeritas 2.
According to Amazon I will receive it on Thursday.
What I saw is, that zowie is using infrared technology instead of the mx-cherry technology.
Anyone here has some experience with it?

I will give you an update about it, as soon I played some on it.
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quake 3 is the best multiplayer game ever made (c) tim (30 comments)
Posted by roymagic @ 17:30 GMT, 9 December 2017 - iMsg
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ca in qchamps (19 comments)
Posted by roymagic @ 20:38 BST, 7 May 2017 - iMsg
you guys think there will be a ca mod in qchamps?
and if so, how would it work? every champ spawns with his max stats?
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QChamps configurations (127 comments)
Posted by roymagic @ 20:42 GMT, 20 March 2017 - iMsg
hey guys, im wondering how much configuration will be allowed by id.
when i saw the pax videos, i saw people changing the sensitivity over the menu.
do you guys think there will be a console? and if so, what settings will be changeable?
im pretty sure, picmip stuff wont exist.
but i hope they let us change basic things like fov.

are there any informations out yet?
what do you think?
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