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we need tourneys (5 comments)
Posted by issy @ 18:25 CDT, 20 September 2014 - iMsg
hello friends, since we have a huge burst of new players, i'd suggest to make a couple of torneys even with new rule set, with a bit of prize money, for all of the gamemodes. Would be great to divide those tourneys by some skill level, so the new players can participate too. For example next weekend, advertise those tourneys everywhere here and on steam, so ppl could see that there is a competitive side of the game. Since there are no matchmaking, it will be hard for them to stick to the game for long enough, and this weekend tourneys can provide the reason. Meanwhile great guys like sponge and sync will think about matchmaking, or at least will implement directly in to the game elo based system made by great guy sirax and co. Because this little +10 -10 elo after the game, is a really great thing, and makes new and old players srtive to get better. Well first tourneys, then everything else. Its the last chance for guys at id to advertise your game and get new players, and make'em stick to it, so plz dont blow this chanse.

P.S. Sorry for crappy english, im from Potato.
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Why bro, why? (69 comments)
Posted by issy @ 02:00 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
Okay, i know that there is alot of bitching at id already, but the thing i wanted to talk, it makes things even worse. We all love this game, and will play it forever no matter what, i guess :> Id not giving a fuck about ql is not new, but cmon, show at least some respect to the players at ur own tournament. Cypher gets 9k for the first place, at the one and only ql Lan event this year, 20 minutes later, 3 random guys got 10k for nothing. Im not jealous or smth, but cmon where's ur repsect for the players? or viewers? If u and verntrillo really want to spent money on your fans, at least dont do it in front of cypher and the other guys, who where practicing for the whole year to get 9k, while random guy gets 10k, well its just not serious, show soem respect u dumb fucks. Maybe bad example, but Dota 2 international 2014, NewBee gets 5 mil for the first place, then 3 random fans of the game are getting 6 millions each, gj lol. So Id u probably should fuck off with this stuff, and dont come around here, or if u want to do smth do it smart.

P.S. Sorry for crappy english.
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