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Using code names for maps alienates new (26 comments)
Posted by LotBlind @ 14:17 CDT, 10 October 2015 - iMsg

That's pretty much it. Even as people write about how in their view QL should be changed to make it easier to get into (don't turn this into that thread though), they use the old code names for maps instead of the newer actual name names. I realize it probably happens instinctively, but I don't see any way in which you can defend using them in any context that potentially involves players who never played Q3 and never got used to them. That's everyone who came around since 8 years ago! There is no game that I can think of where the maps primarily go by names like "dm3, dm6, Tourney1" other than the Quake series.

If you can think of any argument for why new players should have to jump those legacy hoops, feel free to respond to this. You CAN say "it's shorter", but that doesn't really cut it. There IS such a thing as an abbreviation. "dm7" is not an abbreviation. "aero" IS an abbreviation. "aero" is good. "aero" is fine.

There's a huge difference between when you old-timers first got into the game and kept seeing the code names over and over and now. I'm sure when you select "dm3" from the map list a hundred times you're going to have no problem forever associating it with that map. New players don't have that.

While I'm at it I wanted to see what kinds of short forms I could come up with for various typical maps that people play. In fact it looks like if you systematically just take the first 4-5 characters from every map's name, you generally already distinguish them all (all the most important ones). Tell me you don't get what maps these are:


I'm sure there's a few more maps that ppl sometimes use code names for but that gives you the idea.
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UPDATED New Game Mode Tournament 22.3. (16 comments)
Posted by LotBlind @ 11:53 CST, 6 March 2015 - iMsg
There will be a EU-region 1v1 tournament played on Sunday 22th March in a NEW game mode resembling Clan Arena.

Yes, it's now a 1-day event! Don't be worried about your skills, it's supposed to be mostly for fun even though there's also a bit of prize money.

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MODE PROVING GROUNDS: Handicapped Arena (61 comments)
Posted by LotBlind @ 10:45 CST, 1 February 2015 - iMsg
Edited by LotBlind at 11:55 CST, 6 March 2015 - 14438 Hits
Positive Feedback Thread (129 comments)
Posted by LotBlind @ 13:30 CDT, 1 September 2014 - iMsg
So yeah, I figured since the previous update received by and large a negative response it would be useful and constructive to devote an entire thread to just highlighting the things you've felt as particularly positive developments in the history of Quake Live. You should start from whenever it was you yourself hopped on board. If you're an old-schooler feel free even to refer to changes made from Q3 to QL BUT this is for POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLY. Any negativity and any venom should be deleted.

So don't just come here to say "well I'd like to have listed some things here but couldn't think of anything positive", that's absolute rubbish.... ALSO please don't dispute other people's choices and posts in this thread (I don't care if the person misremembered something), no Ideas for Improvement, no random off-topic conversations... Just add in your list please. Mention even things that others mentioned before.

Here's my list to kick things off! I'm listing everything I could think of in a short time and things I dug up in the QLForums' old news section:

(started playing QL in Jan. 2012)
-triangles that show your teammates' position, health, taking damage etc.
-new maps, esp. mcsarge's, hen house, arkinholm, terminus, monastery, divine intermission, gospel crossings, railyard, repent, arcane citadel, limbus, terminatria
-new parameters to mess around with in start a match
-I actually prefer the new more minimalistic match loading screen and in-game menu screen
-BOT A.I. has improved a TON with simple changes like they switch to a better weapon at long range or when they run out of ammo. They even do little rocket jumps nowadays when they can't get to you otherwise. Another awesome feature is they SPAM at the last location they saw you. It makes them about 100% more human-like and fun to play against.
-"New link to Friends List overlay in the in-game menu, to access friends, chats, invites, and Join Match URL." (straight from the update)
-teamkills complaint system returns (not that I played a lot of TDM)
-new/returning game modes, for me esp. 1-flag, A&D and race
-the Invite Monitor
-showing how many players/how much health was left at the end of a CA round
-also the draw by health/draw by living players options! very nice, very useful.
-CA on CTF arenas
-weapon config functionality!
-start a match presets!
-infected! (and silent fright)
-certain cvars, e.g. cg_preferredStartingWeapons

-probably a ton of small optimizations and map fixes etc. that you wouldn't remember/never noticed

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New Brilliant, Creative Casual Clan (4 comments)
Posted by LotBlind @ 13:17 CDT, 15 May 2014 - iMsg
Please follow this link to where I made the announcement on the Quake Live forums.

In a nutshell:
-no skill requirements whatsoever
-new and inventive game modes
-only requires having some time for attending gatherings, a positive attitude and flexible thinking

Read the actual post before asking questions please!

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Low Fidelity Streams Are Called For! (5 comments)
Posted by LotBlind @ 10:26 CST, 23 November 2013 - iMsg
Hello community!

I just wanted to mention here, seeing that both the English-speaking Q3:CPM masters streams are only in one quality, that there's probably more than just me who appreciates the lower quality options. I don't exactly know how the whole thing works but if it were possible to have lower qualities like Zoto has it's always nicer to watch a smooth stream.

Do others share the problem?

Have a good one!
LotBlind (watching the masters on the 102 stream)
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