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Quake Live support sux (155 comments)
Posted by exer @ 20:24 CST, 14 December 2014 - iMsg
So I got ban bacause i kicked some guy from MY server, because his skill was too high ( about 700 elo higher then me).. didnt wanted him there.. Ofc he reported me, like everyone from his clan, i got banned because that..

problem is i dont know for how long that ban last... I sent mails to support 5 days ago,but no respond... Well.. what is the fucking problem?
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Strenx playing piano (26 comments)
Posted by exer @ 11:34 CDT, 11 October 2014 - iMsg

watch this and share it with #pianocrf
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Got Banned.. Why ? lol (93 comments, locked)
Posted by exer @ 16:37 CDT, 21 August 2014 - iMsg
So I got banned,... Dunno reason... My premium expired today, and got banned ? didnt played for 15 days.. maybe 1-2 games last few days... I cant get to my quake mail to see what is reaason.. how to find out?
Locked by Teen Queen at 13:21 CDT, 26 August 2014 - 13499 Hits
QL Humanized Aimbot (181 comments, locked)
Posted by exer @ 03:36 CDT, 7 April 2014 - iMsg
Just to show you that there is humanized aimbot, that you cant detect with your eye. I think syncerror should see this, and ban some suspicios players . Problem is that you cant prove he is using this bot, because its so hard to detect. But I made this thread just to prove you that this is possible,and free to download. So be careful...
I downloaded this hack and tried it just to see how does it works, and basicly, you can adjust how "accurate" you want to be, so for me who get 40lg vs my level player, with this bot , i hit 60+ easily, and you cant even see its aimbot... So this hack do for you that you cant move your crosshair from enemy, even if you want, you cant, he wont allow you... This is so fucked up. I think alot of players is using this shit, that is problem.
Locked by PerpetualWar at 05:07 CDT, 21 April 2014 - 35523 Hits
Cfg problem with standalone (2 comments)
Posted by exer @ 08:51 CST, 4 January 2014 - iMsg
yo... I have some problem with new standalone and cfg..

Why do I need to exec my cfg every time i login at standalone?

every time is default shit cfg.. ? :D
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Strenx won faceit (71 comments)
Posted by exer @ 14:11 CST, 13 January 2013 - iMsg
Did u watched today faceit? strenx won it, after few month inactivity... beated baksteen in semifinals 2-1, and guard at finals 3-2 after 0-2 im maps! ...

and agent is such a pussy.. I dont have any respect to him anymore.. he didnt wanted to play vs guard.. was afraid... he is 0 in my eyes...
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Strenx vs Evil video (63 comments)
Posted by exer @ 10:40 CST, 5 January 2013 - iMsg
So, evil is top 3 online player today, active alltime.. and strenx is totally inactive in ql.. play every few months...and still beats evil, and baksteen easily.. how is that possible? :P

Videos here


Edited by exer at 11:55 CST, 5 January 2013 - 11725 Hits
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