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2gd gives cunnilingus class (28 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 14:42 CST, 11 February 2014 - iMsg
i'm not making this up, this is actually a dream i just had

so it's like this new internet show where 2gd and soe are the hosts and on that day they were recording some lessons on eating pussy. at first james seems a bit reluctant (you know that whole uninterested/unamused schtick he does) but quickly starts getting into it. he starts licking around and talking and pointing to various parts of soe's snatch while explaining what he's doing. then for some reason he starts to look a little bit uneasy and tries to continue but at that point the fishy iron smell/taste is too much and he just starts puking everywhere. all over soe, all over the bed and the floor and himself, etc. then he just stands up and finally (after all these years) admits that he's a faggot

make of it what you will but the moral of this story for me is always remember to release a reborn video so that people know you're not full of shit
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SYNC I LOVE YOU (61 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 01:44 CDT, 4 April 2013 - iMsg
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any games with a higher skill ceiling? (147 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 15:30 CDT, 7 October 2011 - iMsg
Are there any games with a higher skill ceiling than the Quake series?

This is probably a silly place to ask a question like this, but I want to know what games you think could possibly be considered..
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when cheat accusations go too far? (131 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 06:02 CDT, 16 September 2011 - iMsg
someone please tell me i was just being trolled and this guy isn't actually this dumb

demo for this game:

i think this condump speaks for itself

sl1mm: u fuckni fag
<QUAKE LIVE> allme is now online.
q:D pinp0int: who
sl1mm: stfu
sl1mm: i dont need to explain
sl1mm: to a fucking nerd ass cheater
sl1mm: who pays for cheats
q:D pinp0int: i dont believe you're even trolling
sl1mm: LOL
q:D pinp0int: because
q:D pinp0int: nobody would wast this much time
q:D pinp0int: you dont even get anything out of it
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
sl1mm: im not trolling
sl1mm: i seen your cheats
sl1mm: so pathetic
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
q:D pinp0int: what cheats
q:D pinp0int: exactly
q:D pinp0int: just tell me
iG| GrundlECheesE connected
q:D pinp0int: what im using
sl1mm: wallhacks, hp scan
sl1mm: rocket lock on
q:D pinp0int: rofl
q:D pinp0int: i was laughing so hard when u said
sl1mm: smooth aim aimbot
q:D pinp0int: hp scan
q:D pinp0int: not joking
q:D pinp0int: i was literally
q:D pinp0int: hysterically laughing
sl1mm: yeah haha
sl1mm: its funny
sl1mm: especially when i seen it on your killcam
sl1mm was electrocuted by pinp0int
pinp0int was railed by sl1mm
sl1mm: gtfo of here
sl1mm ate pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: dont you hasve better thigns to do at 630 am
q:D pinp0int: duel?
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
sl1mm was railed by pinp0int
sl1mm almost dodged pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: wow
sl1mm: you see that
sl1mm: grundle
sl1mm: ROFL
iG| GrundlECheesE: from his view yes
sl1mm: you see the hp scan>
sl1mm: and how the rockets curved
sl1mm: didnt go straightg
pinp0int ate sl1mm's rocket
q:D pinp0int: what a joke
q:D pinp0int: so
q:D pinp0int: tell me
q:D pinp0int: what u get out of this
<QUAKE LIVE> tyryl has gone offline.
q:D pinp0int: by pretending to act like
q:D pinp0int: you think i am cheating
q:D pinp0int: what do you get out of that
sl1mm: ROFL
q:D pinp0int: i have all the time in the world
sl1mm: well first of all
q:D pinp0int: you're not wasting any of my time
sl1mm: your not going to be playing later tonight
sl1mm: and now its like
sl1mm: 4 people
sl1mm: who have seen your cheats
sl1mm: just because you toggle
q:D pinp0int: please dude lol
q:D pinp0int: give it up
sl1mm: your try and make it not obvious
q:D pinp0int: no
iG| GrundlECheesE: wtf does toggle even mean
q:D pinp0int: you are trying
q:D pinp0int: really hard
q:D pinp0int: to sound serious
sl1mm: toggle means turn ur cheats off by a press of a button
q:D pinp0int: there's no way you're being realistic
sl1mm: and back on
sl1mm: by pressing again
sl1mm: when no ones watchibng
sl1mm: you should know that
sl1mm: lol
sl1mm: its obvious he's cheating
sl1mm: he was horribl
iG| GrundlECheesE: i dont cheat why hsould i know that
sl1mm almost dodged pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: few ydays ago
sl1mm: people dobnt get good overnight
sl1mm: its sad
sl1mm: to see people waste their money
q:D pinp0int: sl1mm ive never seen u before
q:D pinp0int: lol
sl1mm: i dont even play
sl1mm was electrocuted by pinp0int
sl1mm: but ive seen pros
sl1mm: tthis dude is a cheat
sl1mm: big time
q:D pinp0int: go back to xbox live lol
iG| GrundlECheesE: pin isnt even that good
sl1mm: id rape you on that
sl1mm: no cheaters on xbox
q:D pinp0int: rofl
q:D pinp0int: also no good games
sl1mm: buddy
q:D pinp0int: and fucking joysticks
q:D pinp0int: rofl
sl1mm: hers qlive arcade
q:D pinp0int: LOL
q:D pinp0int: JOYSTICKS
q:D pinp0int: AUTOAIM
q:D pinp0int: GTFO
sl1mm: you have autoaim anyway
q:D pinp0int: sure sure
sl1mm: you should be used to it
sl1mm was railed by pinp0int
q:D pinp0int: ok well
sl1mm: you cleared out the fucking server
q:D pinp0int: let me tell you
sl1mm: beacuse they saw ur hacks
q:D pinp0int: 1. i'm not cheating
q:D pinp0int: 2. play to get better
sl1mm: im good due
sl1mm: dude
q:D pinp0int: 3. thats the only 2 things you need to know at this point
sl1mm: i already know that
q:D pinp0int: have fun sending a demo of a non-cheater
q:D pinp0int: lol
q:D pinp0int: peace
sl1mm: 4. multiple people have seen ur cheats
sl1mm: ya u better leave
q:D pinp0int: like who
sl1mm: ur already bannned
sl1mm: fucking leave dude
q:D pinp0int: you just said
sl1mm: your an idiot anyways
q:D pinp0int: you dont play this game
q:D pinp0int: and then before
q:D pinp0int: you said you know the admins ?
q:D pinp0int: lol
sl1mm: i dont play it game
q:D pinp0int: name some admins bro
q:D pinp0int: name some of them
sl1mm: cuz i run into fucking people like you
sl1mm: sync error
sl1mm: he's my buddt
q:D pinp0int: people who are better than you?
sl1mm: i also know quar
sl1mm: another admin
sl1mm: so dude
sl1mm: just leave
sl1mm: your going to be banned
q:D pinp0int: do you want me to
q:D pinp0int: give sync my demo
q:D pinp0int: directly
sl1mm: just adit
sl1mm: admit
q:D pinp0int: i can go talk to him
q:D pinp0int: on irc
q:D pinp0int: right now
sl1mm: you saw it
sl1mm: my buddys already messaged him
sl1mm: so
sl1mm: lol
iG| GrundlECheesE: people still use irc?
sl1mm: no kidding
sl1mm: its a program full of nerds
sl1mm: but lol
sl1mm: i know sync in person
sl1mm: met him at quakecon
sl1mm: so
q:D pinp0int: rofl
q:D pinp0int: i just laughed
q:D pinp0int: you went to quakecon?
sl1mm: yep
q:D pinp0int: rofl
sl1mm: no cheaters there
sl1mm: fucking idiot
sl1mm: youd get the shit kicked out of you so fast
sl1mm: if you went
sl1mm: LOL
q:D pinp0int: yea i bet
q:D pinp0int: hey
q:D pinp0int: i wonder what you would do
q:D pinp0int: if ther was an actual cheater
q:D pinp0int: rofl
sl1mm: lol
q:D pinp0int: nobody good thinks i cheat
sl1mm: your on the list dude
q:D pinp0int: do you understand
sl1mm: im good bro
q:D pinp0int: nobody good would even consider
sl1mm: ive beat good players
q:D pinp0int: me
q:D pinp0int: as a cheater
q:D pinp0int: like who
q:D pinp0int: who have you beaten
sl1mm: good fucking players
q:D pinp0int: names?
sl1mm: thats all you need to know
iG| GrundlECheesE: funny on my good days i get accused of cheating
sl1mm: pros
sl1mm: dude
q:D pinp0int: names
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: your a cheater
sl1mm: ive beaten some of the best us players in the world
sl1mm: something you could never do
q:D pinp0int: best us players
q:D pinp0int: in the world
q:D pinp0int: lol
iG| GrundlECheesE: that was kinda silly
pinp0int almost dodged sl1mm's rocket
sl1mm: i dont fucking care
sl1mm: i dont even play this game
sl1mm was melted by pinp0int's plasmagun
sl1mm: since 07
sl1mm: so lol
q:D pinp0int: so how would you know
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: i was a pro
q:D pinp0int: what cheats look like
sl1mm: dude
iG| GrundlECheesE entered the game
iG| GrundlECheesE entered the game
GrundlECheesE killed himself.
sl1mm: i know when its legit and its not
sl1mm: so just leave
sl1mm: and admit it already
q:D pinp0int: na i got time
sl1mm: if you at least admit it
sl1mm: i'll tell the dude with demo's not to report you
q:D pinp0int: umm
q:D pinp0int: i already told you
sl1mm: because theres more then one
q:D pinp0int: i will send my demo
q:D pinp0int: to sync
q:D pinp0int: right now
q:D pinp0int: hang on
q:D pinp0int: going to open a chat with him
sl1mm: you better get on it
switched back to window mode
sl1mm: cuz lol
sl1mm: let me get the demo real quick
]\you want it?
unknown cmd you
q:D pinp0int: you want it?
q:D pinp0int: ill upload it now
TwilightBoy connected
sl1mm: k got it
TwilightBoy entered the game
q:D pinp0int: uploading
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
sl1mm: to where
sl1mm: i already have it to sync
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: sec
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: thats a 0
q:D pinp0int: zero
sl1mm: guar is taking a look at it
sl1mm: right now
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: you better hope
q:D pinp0int: ok
sl1mm: he thinks its legit
q:D pinp0int: who is guar
q:D pinp0int: lol
sl1mm: uhh
sl1mm: rofl
sl1mm: a quake live admin?
TwilightBoy almost dodged GrundlECheesE's rocket
sl1mm: you would know that
q:D pinp0int: did u get that
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: the o is a zero
sl1mm: what?
q:D pinp0int: thats the link
TwilightBoy was electrocuted by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: to the demo
GrundlECheesE was shredded by TwilightBoy's shrapnel
sl1mm: i already have it
q:D pinp0int: you have mine?
sl1mm: dude sent it to me
sl1mm: yes
sl1mm: dude was specing you
sl1mm: the entire time
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: and u didnt even realise
q:D pinp0int: so he has the whole thing
q:D pinp0int: ?
q:D pinp0int: thats all i want to make sure
TwilightBoy was pummeled by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: as far as i know
q:D pinp0int: well
sl1mm: i have the demo right here
q:D pinp0int: write it down
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: O = zero
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: B zero KAR
sl1mm: why the fuck would i dod that
sl1mm: didnt you just hear
GrundlECheesE was railed by TwilightBoy
sl1mm: i alreadty have it
sl1mm: retard
q:D pinp0int: lol ive seen accusations but never have any gone this far
q:D pinp0int: really cute
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: whats it like being that bad
q:D pinp0int: im curious
sl1mm: of course youve had accusations
sl1mm: it was obvious
sl1mm: especially the rockets
sl1mm: the curved
sl1mm: unlike anything ive seen
q:D pinp0int: rockets dont curve wtf
sl1mm: and ive also heard of those kind of cheats
GrundlECheesE ate TwilightBoy's grenade
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: you were scaning my hp too
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: how the fuck
sl1mm: did you know
sl1mm: i had 4 hp
q:D pinp0int: ??
sl1mm: and to sue mg
q:D pinp0int: i dont think i killed you once
sl1mm: just the fuck up
q:D pinp0int: with mg
sl1mm: yes you did
sl1mm: i have it on demo
q:D pinp0int: pretty sure i didnt
sl1mm: sec
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
GrundlECheesE was railed by TwilightBoy
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
GrundlECheesE was electrocuted by TwilightBoy
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: yep
sl1mm: your gonna be banned within the next 48 hours
sl1mm: need to get more demo's
sl1mm: of you cheats
q:D pinp0int: ill send u
q:D pinp0int: any demos
q:D pinp0int: just name em
q:D pinp0int: look at my
q:D pinp0int: past matches
q:D pinp0int: ill send any you want
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: the admin has it saved
sl1mm: as evidence
sl1mm: to ban you
sl1mm: you think im fucking around?
sl1mm: lol
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: you have yet to elarn ddue
TwilightBoy: oiyakatioya!
q:D pinp0int: ok i just send
q:D pinp0int: sync
q:D pinp0int: the demo
GrundlECheesE almost dodged TwilightBoy's rocket
sl1mm: clearly you didnt
TwilightBoy ate GrundlECheesE's grenade
sl1mm: he's not online
q:D pinp0int: <sym> sync there's a guy named sl1mm telling me that he
knows you in
q:D pinp0int: <sym> accusing me of cheats
q:D pinp0int: <sym> i want to give you the demo of the game he was accusing
me for
q:D pinp0int: <sym>
GrundlECheesE ate TwilightBoy's rocket
q:D pinp0int: SyncError|home is *
Donnie Domin
q:D pinp0int: SyncError|home on @#403forbidden
q:D pinp0int: SyncError|home using * QuakeNet IRC Server
sl1mm: funny because
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: i have him on aol
sl1mm: sometghing that he doesnt give
sl1mm: to the public
sl1mm: so lol
sl1mm: think hes gonna believ eme over you dude
q:D pinp0int: make sure he gets it
q:D pinp0int: so he can laugh at you
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: for being a dipshit
GrundlECheesE ate pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm ate pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: hes not going to laugh dude
sl1mm: just leave
sl1mm: you said you were going to
sl1mm: hours ago
sl1mm: just a waset of time
sl1mm: arguing with cheaters
sl1mm: what the fuck
sl1mm: grundle cheese
GrundlECheesE was shredded by TwilightBoy's shrapnel
q:D pinp0int: how do i dump
sl1mm: already saw them im sure
q:D pinp0int: the console
q:D pinp0int: so i can post this on ESR
sl1mm: post it
sl1mm: i'll pust the demo
sl1mm: fare and square
usage: condump <filename>
]\condump lol fucking idiot
usage: condump <filename>
]\condump lolfuckingidiot.txt
Dumped console text to lolfuckingidiot.txt.

edit: bolded names for clarity

i don't really know why i'm posting this.. i guess i'm just showing how far off-base this cheat accusation shit is actually getting
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hello. someone explain this to me (161 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 17:01 CDT, 14 September 2011 - iMsg
I'm not saying anything needs to be changed, this isn't a whine, I am just trying to figure out why they changed it. I legitimately don't know what the reasoning was.

Why is it a good idea for RG to do 80 damage instead of 100, especially when a player spawns with 125 hp? So, instead of just making people spawn with 100 and letting them get killed instantly by one rail shot, they are gimped with 40~ hp and then forced to hide around the map until they can find hp (which your opponent likely knows the route you're going to take to get to the nearest bubbles and can just rush you and kill you anyway)

It just seems like bad design to me. I would rather just get instantly killed and hopefully get a better spawn, than be forced to limp around helpless and have to put myself in really predictable positions because I'm fiending for some health to recover myself back up from 40~. I mean, I can see why newbies would cry if it was the case that you could be insta-killed off the spawn by 1 rail, but as it is, if you get spawn railed and not killed, it literally just runs the clock down and is a double penalty really. You lose time and a frag instead of just a frag.

P.S. why the fuck did they get rid of all the 50s? i was playing some baseq3 and i noticed the immense amount of 50s laying around instead of all the 25s like in QL. wtf did they change this for?
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color banding on picmip'd textures (24 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 09:18 CDT, 4 September 2011 - iMsg
is there any way to get rid of this color banding? it's not really -that- apparent in this screenshot, but when i actually play the game full screen it's really apparent

edit: nevermind. set cg_enablepostprocess 0 or r_overbrightbits 0
Edited by pinp0int at 14:04 CDT, 5 September 2011 - 7990 Hits
pc games are so easy (124 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 17:42 CDT, 4 July 2011 - iMsg
lol PC gaming is so easy... You have a mouse.. lmaoo you can aim any where at your will.. Aiming on console with a controller is 10 times harder.. halo reach takes 100 times more skill than quake... if you shoot long range , you need to zoom
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a general consensus about future games? (153 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 18:07 CDT, 20 June 2011 - iMsg
it seems like so many people(here, at least) are unhappy with what QL has turned into, that i'm wondering if they will ever be happy with anything else.

do you think there will ever be a game that comes out and creates such a splash that current quakelive players will switch to it?

what do you think it would take for this to happen? (in terms of gameplay mechanics, who makes it, cost to play, accessibility, etc.)

there's a lot more to this than what i've written here, but it's just a start:

accessibility is a big factor these days, so if we're talking about a big company putting a new game out, there's going to be a lot of corporate BS about appealing to a wide range of people. if you want the good production value, the best programmers, the best minds in the gaming industry, (all of the stuff that comes along with a big name studio working on a game) then you are going to have to make some sacrifices.

what i'm saying is, just for an example, look at just one aspect of playing quake: movement. if a big name studio made a quake-esque game today, they would undoubtedly get rid of strafejumping because it is an extremely unintuitive mechanic that has so much of an impact on the game, that when people who can't strafejump play quake, they're essentially playing a different game. have you ever tried getting someone into quake? i have, and i can tell you the hardest part is trying to teach someone how to move. if you can't move, you can't play, it's that simple.

now, i can already hear the people saying "WELL GOOD, MAYBE THOSE NEWB FUCK SHOULD JUST STAY OUT OF QUAKE" but i have to say this is a really bad way to be. you should WANT your sport to attract new competition. you should WANT the game to be appealing and easy to learn for new players. if you play against the same 20 people, what the fuck are you learning? you're not learning the game, you're learning the people and their tendencies on each map. but if you have 1000 people to play against, how are you going to remember how each one plays? you have to start thinking in terms of "what works in the game" not just "what works against this player".

i feel the idea of accessibility is lost on this community and i'm probably going to get laughed at or shit on for proposing that we "dumb down" quake.

anyway, that's my 2 cents, what do you guys think?
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Is anyone putting together a highlight.. (32 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 06:17 CST, 2 February 2011 - iMsg
edit:I don't have time to do this, abandoning the project

Is anyone putting together a highlight reel from the last ESL IEM tournament?

Considering going through the demos and picking out about 5-6 minutes of content, if I can...
Edited by pinp0int at 07:10 CST, 26 February 2011 - 5506 Hits
wise words from cooller (27 comments)
Posted by ilovetriangles @ 18:18 CST, 29 January 2011 - iMsg
words from the master
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