Aktrona team (www.aktrona.net) is organising weekend quake live 1on1 tournament for players from the Ex-Yu area.

The tournament is a standard format, for now there are 32 places open for application, but if it happens to be more applications then we will extend the poll.

First group stage (BO1 system) , and then double elimination (winner and looser bracket) knockout phase (BO3 system).

Maps: qzdm6, qztourney6, qzdm13, qztourney4, qztourney7.

Playing time: 10 min.

Game screenshots and demos are obligatory.

Prize for first place is roccat sense mousepad. This is first cup, and the prize is not that big, but all in possibilities. If u give us support, we can arrange better prizes for you in future.

Note: The tournament is exclusively for the players from the ex-yu region. There are no boundaries in the tiers, player skill is not important, it is important to participate.

Duration of the tournament: 30 and 31 May.
Applications must be received before 29. May 2009.

Applications send to aktronaql@gmail.com

The cup will be maintained through aktrona forum so please register @ www.aktrona.net/forum

Info : #aktrona.ql @ quakenet.org
Web: www.aktrona.net