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Showdown 2 ::Demo Call:: (4 comments)
Posted by The Technologic @ 21:38 CDT, 5 September 2010 - iMsg
It is that time again! I have decided to start gathering the community's best demos for the second round of Showdown. I still have some pretty big projects that I'm working on, but i can gather and sort demos as I'm working on my other videos.

This time around the movie will be longer than the last one. Going to be 2 (MAYBE 3) Songs.

Here's the first one if you didn't see it.

NOW! It's time for the information.

I am looking for your BEST frags. I'm not going to half-ass it this time around, so if your clip is decent then it will most likely not be used.

Don't be afraid to send some original clips! I love seeing Quad runs, LG suspends, PG suspends/100% hits, Epic flag saves/caps.
I don't want a constant flow of small air rockets (the reason why Showdown 1 was so small. Cut out all the decent rockets). If you have a sick x3 air rocket or some crazy shot then send it my way!

Now for the demo layout information!

PLEASE time your demos! I WILL NOT use your demo if there's no time stamp on it.

I would like to see your demoname look similar to this.


Put a u or a d next to your time indicating that when you timed the demo your time was going up or down.

Contact info/Where you send the demos.

Email: <<Send demos to that. Don't post demos in the thread.
AIM: The Technologic
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"until The End" Demo Search! (1 comment)
Posted by The Technologic @ 23:16 CST, 10 December 2009 - iMsg
HI! I am making a small QL community movie and i need your demos! It can be any gametype, but i need the best frags! Like...the best that you can get.

I need your demo to have the time already on it with the gametype, your main nickname, time, map, and your frag.

For the time in the demo put either "up" or "down" next to your time so it tells me your counter is either going up or down in your demo to cause less confusion.


PLEASE do that so i don't have to sit through a 10-20 min game and look for a frag.

You can send me your demos on aim, msn, filehost link

AIM: The Technologic

if you email me then please put the subject as "demos" or something so i wont delete it thinking it's spam

A little example of my work if anyone is skeptical lol
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