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Hoony Mode (9 comments)
Posted by Splashhh @ 17:27 CST, 26 November 2014 - iMsg
A long time ago was gametype called "HoonyMode". So its same duel but with fraglimit 1 or suddendeath mode on. If you make a frag you win the round, to win you must win "N" rounds.
-Its mix between duel and ca. If you want to switch from ca to duel HoonyMode is best thing to start with. You can choose your start strategy like build in starcraft.
-I think that it is better then just 1v1 for viewers because there is pauses between round where commentators can talk how (they do not have time to describe all in duel) or what that was or show a videoreplay of frag.
-there is no spawnfrags so less random.
-it is still new gamemode and it is easy to make.
Maybe its needed to refine: add a timelimit in round or decreasing health after some time or add ability to choose spawn.
What you think? it is good idea to put it in reflex or qlive?
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Update of 16th march. (21 comments)
Posted by Splashhh @ 14:05 CDT, 13 March 2011 - iMsg
On this update id software will Increase "hittable region of players by 10% to more closely mimic the area of the old cuboid region".

So i decide to try how it will be, and i decide that i dont feel +10%. I took sv_cylinderscale 0.75, 1.0 and 1.25. I am played as usual (not hard, the same map).

On 0.75 feels like i am playing on my old mitsumi classic mouse (with ball). Accuracy: rl 9 blind rockes (blind rocket - when you hit 75-100, on lg distance or farther, do not see enemy), lg 35, rg 45. You need to do "sureshots" specially with rail.
Most of all i liked 0.75 :D Because rocket launcher works only in close fights and game seems more strategic.

On 1.0 it is like normal QL. Accuracy: rl 13 blind rockes, lg 40, rg 55.

On 1.25 feels like i am in fragmovie =.) Accuracy: rl 23 blind rockes, lg 45, rg 65. Game seems faster. Cost of every failure has increased. i liked it.
But it is so many blind rockets =( there are a lot on 1.0.

imho: it is needed to decrease rl splash at 10% (or do something with rl speed and splash)
Because when you +back and hear that enemy is coming (or by timing) first thing to do is a blind rocket. Now you can do it on a lg distance, -75, or even two when you know rebound -150 and get none damage. it will easier to make after update at 10%.
Because hitcylinder is increased but doorways still the same -_V
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Frags per game on each weapon on a map. (46 comments)
Posted by Splashhh @ 09:09 CST, 19 February 2011 - iMsg
This is my mini-reasearch)
It is from stats of games in ESH FTP div 1 and ESL season 7 QL TDM 4x4. I took one game on each map and calculate how many frags was on each weapon. Maps are: Deep Inside, Intervention, Capmgrounds, Dreadful Place, Purgatory, Realm of steel Rats, Grim Dungeons.Then i calculate the same for 7 maps and that is result:

Frags per game on each weapon on a map is some kind of weapon balance + maplist balance. Many maps have 2sg and 2 rl. So 12 rl and 13 sg on 7 maps. I think that each map have 8 mg's & pummels also because there are 8 players on it.

Before update of 2 February.

Guntlet: 0.2%, ~0.5 frags per game
MG: 2.5%, 5.1 frags per game
SG: 26.7%, 53.5 frags per game
GL: 1.5%, ~3.0 frags per game
RL: 18.1%, 36.2 frags per game
LG: 23.4%, 46.8 frags per game
RG:20.6%, 41.3 frags per game
PG: 9.3%, 18.6 frags per game

After update of 2 February.

Frags per game on each weapon on a map.
Guntlet: 0.3%, 0.7 frags per game
MG: 1.9%, 4.0 frags per game
SG: 11.2%, 23.5 frags per game
GL: 1.6%, 3.3 frags per game
RL: 21.8%, 45.5 frags per game
LG: 28.6%, 59.7 frags per game
RG:22.6%, 47.3 frags per game
PG: 11.9%, 24.8 frags per game

It was a good update!... but MG is still more powerfull then GL.

1) It is nesessary to decrease MG damage again to 3 or replace MG to some kind of Pistol or Blaster from Q2) in 4x4.
No! mg is fine)
2) It is nesessary to do somthing with GL, increase splash radius X2 for example, because now it is weapon only 4 fun =.) or useless =(
3) I think MG damage in tdm 2x2 must be 5. Because players can run 150/150 all the time there. Maybe it is not so important there.
4) Good map for tdm 4x4 is a map with 2sg, 2pg, 1rl, 1rg, 1lg (~ 50 frags per map each), no gl=/. Where you will made defferent frags in weapons.
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