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ESR CLOUD BACKUP (12 comments)
Posted by evil_ash @ 09:07 CST, 18 February 2020 - iMsg
Just incase I ever lose it.

seta r_mode -1
seta r_displayrefresh 144
seta r_customwidth 1920
seta r_customheight 1080

seta com_maxfps 126

seta m_filter "0"
bind k "+acc"
seta cl_mouseAccel "0"
seta com_allowConsole "1"
seta cg_switchToEmpty "1"
seta cg_zoomtoggle "0"
seta m_cpi "0"
//seta cg_zoomSensitivity "1"
bind mwheelup "weapon 6"
bind mwheeldown "weapon 8"
bind mouse4 "weapon 5"

seta cg_crosshairsize "24"
seta r_texturebits "16"
seta r_gamma "1"
seta cg_atmosphericEffects "1"
seta r_enablePostProcess "0"
seta cg_zoomscaling "0"
seta cg_drawgun "0"
seta cg_trueLightning "1"
seta cg_lightningImpact "1"
seta cg_lightningStyle "1"
seta cg_buzzerSound "0"
seta cg_crosshairColor "13"
seta cg_drawCrosshair "3"
seta cg_railStyle "1"
seta r_picmip "1"
seta cg_forcemodel 1
seta cg_forceenemymodel keel/bright
seta cg_teamChatBeep "1"
seta s_doppler 1
seta cg_predictlocalrailshots 0
seta cg_autohop 0
seta cg_lagometer 1
seta cg_hitbeep 1
seta cg_fov 112.5
seta cg_zoomfov 90
seta s_ambient 0
seta cg_impactsparks 1
seta cg_impactsparksvelocity 0
seta cg_killbeep 0
//seta r_railWidth "20"
//seta r_railCoreWidth "6"
//seta r_railSegmentLength "8"
//seta cg_muzzleFlash "0.000000"

seta cg_predictLocalRailshots "0"
seta cl_timeNudge "-15"
seta cl_maxpackets "125"
seta rate "25000"

//REM TWEAKS (change in game)
//seta sensitivity "1.25"
//seta cg_zoomfov "90"
//seta cg_fov "112.5"

//bind mouse2 "+zoom; weapon 7"

//cg_crosshaircolor "12"
//seta time1 "cl_timenudge 0; bind n vstr time2; cg_crosshaircolor 12"
//seta time2 "cl_timenudge -20; bind n vstr time1; cg_crosshaircolor 1"
//bind n "vstr time2"

seta in_mouse 1
//seta cg_crosshairsize 96
bind "m" exec inmouse1.cfg
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USB Polling rate changer (Working on Windows 1809 LTSC) (1 comment)
Posted by N3XUS @ 08:04 CST, 18 February 2020 - iMsg
A still working USB overclocking package for your WMOs and OG Mx518s, etc... out there.

I had to dig a bit to put together this one... most packages I found on the internet did not work on windows 10 anymore, but this one is working just fine for me as I'm typing this, on version 1809.
Can't guarantee it'll work on newer ones however... I'm not a person who has the required knowledge to modify it to work either.

.txt file with instructions included.

Download Link (Mediafire)
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Hows the 2020 QCK heavy mousepad compared to older ones? (10 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:29 CST, 16 February 2020 - iMsg
I remember back in 2013 or so, I bought the original QCK heavy, this one:

Notice the old logo? Then years later, I bought this one:

When I got it, I noticed it felt cheaper compared to original 1 in materials, but still got the job done.

Now, I see they've changed it again, the new one has only the logo and doesn't say "steelseries":

So what im asking is, what can I expect? is it going to be worse than all previous iterations? considering everything in "esports" gets increasingly shitty, I wouldn't be sursprised they are saving costs with even worse materials these days.
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The Keep Warfork Duel Cup (No comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 08:36 CST, 15 February 2020 - iMsg
The Keep is putting on another Warfork Duel Cup, this time open to the entire community for signups.

Join us on stream or come test your metal against some of the best duelers on Saturday, Feb 15th at 11:00 CST

Admin: United States of America GelmoSan
Stream: The Keep
Links: Sign-up, Discord
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RYE announces €2000 UTProLeague Season 2 (4 comments)
Posted by ShX @ 13:24 CST, 13 February 2020 - iMsg
Following the conclusion of a successful first season, the UTProLeague is proud to announce season 2 of the premier Unreal Tournament competition. Teams will once again battle it out across two divisions, competing in duel, 2v2 TDM and 4v4 TDM game modes, this time for a total prize-pool of €2000!

Source: | | | | |

Get Unreal Tournament 4 for free at
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European quake players. Move to California please (6 comments)
Posted by mray557 @ 11:00 CST, 12 February 2020 - iMsg
CA in California is just dead. Can you europeans just move out to california so I have people to play with? I mean, i have no desire to play any other games besides quake and quakeLIVE is dead!! PLEASE. Just move out here.
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LOEK (25 comments)
Posted by ulbe @ 14:30 CST, 11 February 2020 - iMsg
Hello! My names is GermanyULBE. I've made a free game.
Steam page
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TimConLAN 9 (8 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 10:12 CST, 11 February 2020 - iMsg
TimConLAN is returning to the Netherlands Netherlands! From May 7th to 10th, 2020 we will returning to the quiet town of Netherlands Alphen aan den Rijn at the Esports Game Arena for more merriment and fierce competition! Featuring three tournaments: CPMA 1v1, Diabotical 1v1 and DOOMBRINGER 2v2.

Stream: TimConLAN
Links: TimCon LAN Site, Discord, @theTimConLAN, Esports Game Arena
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Best forum thread ever (30 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:22 CST, 9 February 2020 - iMsg

once you'll see this test you'll see why i'm still not 100% fixed mentally speaking, even tho I'm on meds. And prolly will never be. I'll always have insanity in me that people won't ever understand, at least on earth.

Now listen, I might not be the most sane person on earth let alone EU nor France, but I'm prolly the most sane person in the whole universe.

Being the most sane person on earth = on other far far away planets, with life on them, often even intelligent life, will make you literally insane in front of "aliens" that live there.

There are actually multiple ways to approach what we usually call intelligence, intelligence at the end, and even as a result pure sanity, is still something we can't explain fully in 2020.

Something that is useless in 2020 doesn't mean will still be useless in 2033+. Look, for example, in the past, we used to fight with swords and shields, and that worked perfectly well, but now try to fight an army with swords and shields only, you'll get literally dominated but any nowadays army weapons.

Time and patience is key. When "aliens" will start to colonize earth, or like literally change the way most humans thinking processes work, I'll already be ready to collaborate with them and understand them, unlike most sane person on earth in 2020.

The infinity of the universe and the way time tends to "travel" across multiple different spaces, make it so nothing is set to stone nor definitive.

We can't actually predict what will happen in 100 billions years, neither even in 10 years (with being 110% accurate in our predictions). You'll then start to ask me, but what about your predictions ? How can you be so sure of yourself ? You're just driven by your mental illness else anything you can say about the future etc doesn't make much sense at all and is biased. Remember, we actually killed Jesus, we never stopped to fight each others with ideologies and all those things that serve as arguments to make killing and/or hurting people actually legitimate.

I actually consider myself as a new Prophet, prolly 1% will understand me in 2020, but when the right time will come, I'll start to strike back and most people will actually realize that insanity was the solution to understand new form of intelligence(s).

My goal in life is now to survive and be patient.
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Gavin vs Diman (4 comments)
Posted by Godservant @ 11:21 CST, 7 February 2020 - iMsg
Spoiler alert.
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MOONTRIP by Ryan_H (14 comments)
Posted by lolograde @ 08:11 CST, 6 February 2020 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8 (9 votes)
Ryan_H has a new Q3 Defrag video out now! It features Annh's round 6 run from DFWC19. Check it out:

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Fixing filtered Logitech input on PMW3366 or Hero mice! (28 comments)
Posted by DLCI @ 17:31 CST, 5 February 2020 - iMsg
Like many serious gamers, I use a logitech G pro mouse (wired). I originally bought it based on the reviews of the hardware that claimed it was capable of perfect 1-to-1 input. When I first got it, this did indeed seem to be the case. However, some time in the last 6 months, that seems to have changed. Lately, when I perform a flick shot, I will frequently undershoot it, or be off in either direction by a small amount. At first I thought it was my imagination or I was simply in some kind of slump.

Still, I wasn't 100% satisfied with that, because I have been using the same settings for close to 8 years now, and I can literally hit flick shots on stationary targets with my eyes closed. Coincidentally, this has proven to be one of the best methods to test with since it prevents me from compensating or correcting mid-aim, but we'll get to that later. At some point I begun to dig around in the driver configuration files to see if I could find anything to help explain this.

The settings for the LGS driver are located under C:\users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Logitech\Logitech Gaming Software\

The drive letter is based on whatever your default OS drive is.

The settings for LG hub are in the same local appdata folder, but since I couldn't find a way to tweak those, I'll skip that for now.

Inside there is a folder called profiles, which contains your default profile plus any extras you may have created. The profiles are stored in XML form, which is editable by any decent text editor. I personally use Notepad++ since I find this to be the most helpful with formatting.

If you scroll down near to the end you will find a section that lists your pointers. If you have a G-Pro you will find a section that should be something like this

<pointer devicemodel="Logitech.Gaming.Mouse.Pro.C08C">
<mode shiftstate="1">
<reportrate rate="1000"/>
<powermode value="2"/>
<dpitable shiftindex="1" defaultindex="1" syncxy="1">
<dpi x="400" y="400" enabled="1"/>
<dpi x="800" y="800" enabled="1"/>
<dpi x="1600" y="1600" enabled="1"/>
<dpi x="3200" y="3200" enabled="1"/>
<movement speed="-1" acceleration="0"/>

Your settings may be different. Don't worry about that for now. Most of that is not important, the thing you want to focus your attention on is this line

<movement speed="-1" acceleration="0"/>

Curious, isn't it? Why would speed be set to -1 by default? In the process of trying to figure out what exactly this meant, I started to experiment with different values, and discovered quickly that this drastically changes the way my mouse moves.

Ok, good start, we're on to something here. However, setting it to 0 or 1, the obvious alternatives, did not seem to work how I wanted. So I began to do some digging to figure out if I could find any official documentation by logitech.

Sadly, there was none. But, in the process I may have discovered something very important. You see, it seems as though the logitech firmware uses an almost identical input curve to a linux library called libinput.

You can read more about it here -

How do I know that the logitech drivers are using the same framework?

Take a look at this graph.

Do you see how it defines linear acceleration as a product of speed values ranging from -1 to 1? That's the first clue. Now since I am quite sure my mouse does not ACTUALLY have acceleration, something else must be going on.

What I decided was that for some reason the mouse defaults to an almost identical acceleration curve but then if acceleration is disabled, it tries to convert those values back to flat 1-to-1 inputs.

Since the default speed of -1 produces, if this graph is equivalent, a value of 0.5 inputs at all speeds, this means that it would multiply your input by 2. Which means that you are effectively getting filtered inputs at this speed!

Here is the second clue, and it doesn't look like the logitech setup is exactly the same as wayland/libinput - the mouse seems to have some form of constant deceleration.

To figure this out I had to go searching through more advanced acceleration setups, namely xinput/xorg. I'll be honest, at this point you may be skeptical. I understand that completely.

These are all linux based drivers. What on earth does that have to do with logitech firmware/drivers in a windows environment?

I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to PROVE any of this, but since it seems to happen at the firmware level, I can't figure out how to demonstrate it empirically. Just bear with me for now and try the settings out yourself to see if it works for you.

This blog in particular proved to be very helpful in my attempts to deduce what exactly was taking place at the driver level.

Anyway, the Xinput/Xserver convention is to apply constantdeceleration to the end of the input, with deceleration of 1 being the default (non-decelerated). Which means that if a device were, hypothetically, using the same convention, but used a value of 0 if the setting was absent, it would be forcing deceleration.

Deceleration is one of those gimmicky things that makes a mouse FEEL more precise, without actually increasing precision. In reality, it considerably reduces precision when you have memorized your chosen sensitivity.

It seemed perfectly reasonable to me that logitech engineers would add it on at some point as a marketing gimmick, so that people who were not serious gamers and used the mouse for the first time would believe the mouse "felt very precise" without doing any actual testing to discover if this was true (ie reviewers).

Still it was kind of a wild guess at this point, but I decided to try adding deceleration of 0 to my driver profile.

So my profile .xml read as

<movement speed="-1" acceleration="0" deceleration="0"/>

Almost immediately I could tell a difference. This was a very important clue. If there was no deceleration and the mouse did not recognize the command, why did it change the way it moved? However, setting it to 0 did not seem to produce the desired 1-to-1 I was hoping for.

So I tried setting it to 1, following the Xserver convention. This turned out to be the correct setting. I could tell a very immediate difference and did not feel as though flickshots were falling short of where I intended.

An unexpected consequence was that TRACKING was considerably improved, which makes sense, since you need a smooth constant stream of inputs that is NOT being mathematically altered to properly track very small targets, like heads.

my profile .xml now read as

<movement speed="-1" acceleration="0" deceleration="1"/>

This was already a big improvement. But I wanted to go back and figure out what the correct setting for the speed setting was. To do this I went to and input the values from the libinput graph into a slope/line equation.

Graphing the known values gave me a slope of 0.66666666667, and the value at which X=1 (basically your post-accel input) was also 0.66666667. Thinking I had solved a great puzzle, I tried that instead of speed="-1".

<movement speed="-0.666" acceleration="0" deceleration="1"/>

This turned out to be a slight improvement, but something still felt off. To be honest, I was kind of stumped here. Everything up to this point had suggested that the logitech drivers use the same conventions and values as the linux ones.

That's when I went back to libinput and noticed this page

I, like many other people, play on 800 DPI. According to this, DPI values below 1000 are normalized to an equivalent by post-accel multiplication. So in the case of 800dpi, all inputs would be multiplied to 1.25.

Again, I want to stress that the problem is not that my inputs are ACTUALLY 1.25x as fast as they should be. My suspicion is that the driver first multiplies the values as though acceleration is enabled, and then flattens them out to remove acceleration.

In the process, you lose your floats and you end up with pixel-skipping or filtered input.

So going off this idea, I went back to my profile xml and divided speed by 1.25, which gave me -0.533.

<movement speed="-0.533" acceleration="0" deceleration="1"/>

This was much better! In fact, it was getting very close to feeling like it was perfect 1-to-1 input again! Something was still slightly off, and I re-worked the curve a bunch of times to try and come up with an explanation.

My theory eventually became that the curve logitech uses is NOT identical to libinput (although it shares the same shape, the scale is different), and that the -0.666 for 1 was actually -0.333 for 1. So, dividing that by 1.25 again, this gave me

<movement speed="-0.266" acceleration="0" deceleration="1"/>

And finally, I had perfect 1-to-1 mouse inputs again! It was very dramatic and extremely noticeable once I had narrowed down the settings correctly: I could once again hit flickshots with my eyes closed and I could hit very long distance flickshots using my shoulder to aim.

So if you have been reading up to this point I'll just jump into the solution and what I recommend you try.

If, for any reason, you feel as though your logitech mouse does not seem to be moving exactly 1-to-1 like you expect, I strongly suggest you at least give this a try. It does not change anything permanently, is easy to undo, and may make an immediate and considerable difference for you (I know it did for me).

Keep in mind that logitech drivers are extremely obnoxious about resetting your configs to whatever it thinks the default should be. It will remove deceleration and set the speed back to either 0 or -1 (seemingly at random).

So to use this tweak correctly you will need to set your profile's xml file to read-only once you have correctly configured it.

I'll summarize like this

if you use 1000dpi or above, you should set it to be

<movement speed="-0.333" acceleration="0" deceleration="1"/>

if you use 800dpi you should set it as

<movement speed="-0.266" acceleration="0" deceleration="1"/>

and finally if you use 400dpi you should set it as

<movement speed="-0.133" acceleration="0" deceleration="1"/>

I want to close by listing a couple of other un-documented settings that I have found within the linux libraries and tried, all of which seem to produce some result.

The problem is that while each seems like it changes SOMETHING, it is subtle enough that I can't rule out placebo. And since there appears to be an inconsistent copying of different concepts from the linux libraries, I can't claim that the drivers will necessarily recognize them.


This comes from the Xorg convention that lists different acceleration profiles by device setting

0 is default, 1 is device dependent (which means simple accel, in this case), values above 1 change the curve, and -1 disables it

I have had a hard time telling if there is any actual difference between accel=-1 and accel=0, but since so much of the settings seem to have been "borrowed" from linux libraries, I have started using it as -1.


This also comes from an Xorg convention. From the documentation "Softening Tweaks motion deltas from device before applying acceleration to smooth out rather constant moves.
Input in an axis would change from 1 2 3 2 3 1 to 1 1.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 1"

Sounds nice, but this definitely messes with precision if you are trying to move exactly 3 pixels, for example.

Adding this to my logitech profile does seem to do SOMETHING, but I cannot really verify that it is either beneficial or detrimental.


This is more of a guess on my part. Smoothing should be obvious what it does (similar to softening it will filter the last 2 inputs to make start/stop motions feel more fluid).
Adding this and setting it to 0 seems to change the way the mouse feels slightly, but I cannot verify that it actually does what I think it does.

I have tested this with both my G-Pro (wired) and my G403, and it has an identical effect on both of them. My strong suspicion is that whatever foolishness is being run on the raw hardware inputs by the firmware or drivers is done universally on any mouse using a modern sensor (PMW3366 or hero etc.) and that for some reason this has become the foundation of logitech's driver design.

I find it extremely distressing to consider that there are a number of "undocumented" settings that alter the way mouse input works, taking what is in reality FLAWLESS HARDWARE and turning it into a filtered unreliable mess.

I also find it highly amusing to consider that logitech engineers very likely borrowed significant portions of open-source linux input libraries in the design of their driver software. It would be even more amusing if the messy filtering is actually accidental and the result of the engineers not using the "borrowed" libraries correctly.

Something that also occured to me while testing is that this may have something to do with why most professional gamers use either 400 or 800 dpi.

If you read the documentation about normalization of motion based on DPI, values above 1000 are "normalized" to accelerate the same, which suggests that certain values may introduce unpredictable filtering/pixel skipping (values not divisible by 1000, for example), whereas 400/800 produce occasional filtering, but of a far more predictable variety.

I know a lot of this probably looks sketchy and borderline illogical. I really wish I had a way to offer proof that could be quantified and measured. This is the result of many, many hours of me personally doing trial-and-error adjustments based on theoretical acceleration curves, and I have not figured out a way to produce any hard data that will verify my claims.

Right now the best I can do is suggest you give it a try, and see how it feels for you. I would caution that if you have played with your logitech mouse for a while using the default "imprecise" settings, any of these changes is going to feel "strange" at first. That was definitely the case for me. However, once I had nailed down the correct adjustments, it didn't take more than a couple minutes before that "strange" felt "100% natural" and removed a lot of the "thinking" out of aiming to make it feel more like well-honed reflex again.

Finally, let me say that I sincerely hope that this helps you game at your best again. It is a terrible shame that a mouse designed with flawless optical hardware is subject to a series of messy mathematical "adjustments" that more or less ruin the precision of the device.

If this tweak helps you, I would love to hear about it!
If you discover any other hidden settings or anything else that should be added to this, please let me know!

If you can think of a way to actually test and prove any of this empirically so it isn't just proof-by-tweaking, I'd love to hear that too!

Thanks for reading. Hope it helps.
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Do you know what QFS is? (4 comments)
Posted by tulum @ 16:46 CST, 5 February 2020 - iMsg
It is a New Quantum Financial System (QFS) which has a super advanced technology "out of this world".

QFS is described as a system based on quantum computing, where the proponents of this system are located, a large quantum server can be mounted on an orbital satellite. It is known that quantum computing has a transactional probability and almost infinite calculation, persecuting the qualities at the same time. It is also said that QFS would impose a world currency backed by gold, which intervening at a level of all financial institutions worldwide, isolating, suspending and / or punishing anyone who does not want to join the QFS, that includes entire countries .

Will anyone have an interest in being part of this system? What did you consider about it?
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Saints Row IV issue. Please help. (No comments)
Posted by Lamda @ 05:48 CST, 4 February 2020 - iMsg
Hello everyone,,
Me and a friend are on a LAN connection. He's on his laptop, on Wi-fi, meanwhile im on cable, and yet, i can't host a game? When i host a game, and he tries to join it it says "The session is no longer available", but i can join his game. The issue is that his game is a little laggy so i get kicked out of the session a lot, because sometimes his game freezes and that causes me to get kicked because of FPS difference. What could be causing this? I reinstalled my game and restarted my internet. Can't think of anything else to do. Please help..
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So, who's going to Katowice? (21 comments)
Posted by stoneeh @ 09:40 CST, 3 February 2020 - iMsg
Planned to go to watch the QPL stage 2 finals in the flesh, but just found out I missed my chance for a ticket.
Well, I guess that won't be the last Quake tournament. (Or maybe it is?)

So, who of you is going? Have you been to events before, like Lucca recently? How are these big LANs these days?
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W3 Reforged = lowest rating in Metacritic history (51 comments)
Posted by puritan @ 08:34 CST, 3 February 2020 - iMsg

800 positive, 189 mixed and 20680 negative so far:

Seems like Blizzard really went full EA.
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Can Exercise Improve Video Game Performance? (46 comments)
Posted by lolograde @ 07:20 CST, 31 January 2020 - iMsg
Can Exercise Improve Video Game Performance? A new study led by neuroscientist Dr. Marc Roig and his research team from the School of Physical & Occupational Therapy at McGill University, found, for the first time, that it can.

Time spent playing video games is often seen as time stolen from physical activities. Research has shown that exercise has many physical and cognitive benefits. But what if exercise could benefit video game performance as well? A new study led by neuroscientist Dr. Marc Roig and his research team from the School of Physical & Occupational Therapy at McGill University, found, for the first time, that it can. The results of this study challenge the preponderant view that video gaming and physical activity are antagonistic activities. The findings were published online in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

HERE is the link to the full article.

This all begs the question: How much does Sanchez exercise?
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Barely functioning audio on PC (No comments)
Posted by WestonMicah @ 03:55 CST, 31 January 2020 - iMsg
Hello everyone,,
The first few times I played the game, everything was normal. But then for no discernible reason, I noticed at one point that there was barely any audio playing from my game. The only things I could hear were music and sounds produced by my character; anything coming from an NPC or the world was muted. At first I thought this might've been because my new headset didn't work well with the game for whatever reason, but I realized this wasn't the case when I tried playing with my original headphones, and nothing changed.
[color=#333333]135 km[/color]
I've messed around with my computer's audio settings a bunch and I reinstalled the game several times. The in-game volume settings are at max, but it makes no difference. None of my audio drivers are out of date either.

Does anyone have any clue what this is?
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when will monitors stop sucking? (11 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:50 CST, 30 January 2020 - iMsg
Everyone knows monitors for Quake suck since the last CRTs went out of production, and I also got sick of having a fat ass monitors.

When can we get OLEDs that challenge the best TN pannels in terms of low input lag and hz while having good colors?

its like i havent washed my eyes since 2005 or whenever i replaced my 19 inch samsung CRT with my first TN panel. Now I have a 2401 viewsonic and still didnt get used at how shit the colors are, specially dark scenes.

Ive seen theres some up and coming monitors but they are 55 inches which is retarded, i want a regular 24 inch screen.
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do pros use ceramic feet ? (7 comments)
Posted by empleat @ 08:16 CST, 28 January 2020 - iMsg
i heard about ceramic feet, do pros use them ? They are supposed to have 0.02 coefficient of friction, while teflon has 0.10. Also they have less difference between static and dynamic friction.

I though about using them on cloth, because on aluminum and such mousepads, they glide to much. Also there is question, if they fit into slots designed for mouse feet, because having them in middle without teflon ones, i would be afraid it compromises stability. And teflons were left on mouse, even if ceramic feet were higher, there would be probably still friction from them. Also how stable is it ? Because you just stick them approximately on the mouse bottom.
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So, Apparently Sanchez is Demon God (41 comments)
Posted by Godservant @ 03:56 CST, 28 January 2020 - iMsg
With the strongest aim in the galaxy and superhuman abilities, the great demonic master reigns supreme.;sort=time;sort=time


There will be a new video within next 2-3 months coming, with partially 0.2% Aim Frags.
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Games Which Let you Lock Doors You've Opened? (21 comments)
Posted by Jameson1 @ 03:30 CST, 27 January 2020 - iMsg
With an increasing number of high-profile games taking influence from metroidvanias and immersive sims, we've gotten to the point where most action-RPG games allow you to pick locks and unlock doors. It didn't occur to me until I saw it in Morrowind - but most games don't allow you to lock those same doors. Many games allow you to fortify doors and bar them as a defensive measure, but almost none allow you to just 'lock' a door as a strategy. As a developer I can absolutely think of the technical restrictions which lead to this not being explored - but I'm still curious why games don't use this more? Especially horror games.

Are there any other games besides Morrowind which allow you to lock doors? If so, did it add anything to the experience or simply add an unneeded verb?
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Designing DOOM Eternal's New & Classic Demons (No comments)
Posted by UNIVERSESIXHIT @ 12:11 CST, 26 January 2020 - iMsg
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So, apparently Shroud cheats (138 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 06:13 CST, 25 January 2020 - iMsg
A friend of mine noticed me this link, it's a compilation of suspect moments from Shroud, and while there is no formal sentence, looking at some of those clips, it's literally impossible a human does that shit, like tracking and shooting trough walls, or just flicking with insance acceleration and deceleration from target to target.

I mean, think of it what you want, but after seeing that video, its clear he has cheated at some point in the past.

And really i can't blame him- he already made millions and millions on donations and subscriptions, even if the truth comes out, he's already set for life.

Beside, you know how it works, he'll always have legions of kids defending him no matter how damning the evidence.

So really, he already won. Enjoy
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What absolutely infuriates you when a video game does this? (5 comments)
Posted by WestonMicah @ 18:54 CST, 22 January 2020 - iMsg
For me, it's when you fight a boss fight, and clearly beat the damn thing, but in the cutscene that follows shows me losing horribly to it. It's a minor thing but it aggravates me. The main example I can think of is Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch (absolutely 100% recommend to everyone.) Now, if you know a Platinum Games game, you know they aren't the easiest. And in this particular boss fight, you are thrown into it with barley any understanding of the mechanics of the game (especially the legions) and are expected to go up against this giant beast. When you finally beat the stupid thing, the cutscene that follows shows you staggering around weakly while the beast (that you had already defeated) starts to do a very strong attack that almost kills you. I just beat you! Why are you about to kill me!? I'm stronger than you! Why am I shown off the be so weak!? The kicker? The only reason you survive is because your team comes to rescue you and act all cool and take down the beast like it was nothing. Persona 5 does this too, but to a lesser and more bearable extent (also would recommend to anyone and everyone)
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Game devs need to keep adult gamers in mind when it comes to (14 comments)
Posted by jaysonmonroe @ 18:50 CST, 22 January 2020 - iMsg
I'm primarily a single player gamer. Adults are by far the largest demographic of gamers today.

My plea is very simple. Make it possible to pause ANY single-player game at ANY time. Mid cut scene, mid combat, hell even during loading screens so that when it's done loading, it comes up paused. I'm an adult. I have a wife. Things come up. Things happen. I need to be able to pause.

Same idea with saving. Need to be able to save at ANY time. Now hear me out here, cause I know this is a bit different. People can abuse the save system. Save scumming is definitely a thing. But what's wrong with having a "Save and quit" option at any time that can only load into once. Just a book mark, you can't go back in and make different choices. It's like a longer pause. I never know when I'm gonna have to go be an adult.

I think these ideas are reasonable.
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BLACK HUNDRED CUP Stage 3 - 24/01/2020 - 19:00 CET (3 comments)
Posted by b100 eSports @ 12:56 CST, 22 January 2020 - iMsg
Hello everyone who loves and plays Quake Champions!

With some tech delay, but we prepared to organize BLACK HUNDRED CUP Stage 3!

This Friday 24/01/2020 Stage 3 will start!

Come in and register!

Fight for opportunity to win 1000$ in Grand Final!

1 place - 100$ + slot in GrandFinal
2 place - 70$ + slot in GrandFinal
3 place - 30$ + slot in GrandFinal

Register -

Discord -

Info -
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