Played the CPL duel maps today…I haven't really been duelling just concentrating on TDM for the moment. However being a dueller in Quake 3 I have realise what rubbish maps there are in q4.

pro-blip being one is the stupidest maps i have ever played. Loads of pillars and very mazy; Original Blip was so much better however the new one is just crap and plays awful. Before Jabbor comes on this journal and posts about play testing it for 20 hours. Forget it, its just a crap map!

Phrantic is quite a good map however I can see the CPM roots so its not my cup of tea. HF to Swelt though! It’s a very well thought out map. Lost Fleet is quite good but I can't help but think q4 needs larger maps...all the maps are really small and the new maps being made is going CPM which is worrying from my point of view.

I really hope the ZTN guys come up with some good maps because q4 really needs it in the duelling scene.

Apart from that I am really enjoying q4 tdm. I think the tmp maps for it are quite good :)