Hi folks,

As most of people coming here may know, with a bunch of quake4 players we decided to create a discord community with good spirit and awesome players.

Discord features:

- Ladder bot with ranked games and ELO trueskill system
- CTF events two times a week with prior registration
- Friendly and invested members
- no bullshit :)
- Many active players from all levels and all backgrounds

We invested into several quality servers running 240 tickrate :

Germany de.playq4.net
France fr.playq4.net
Netherlands nl.playq4.net pw: playq4
Poland pl.playq4.net
Sweden swe.playq4.net
Russia ru.playq4.net
France(DeathMatch server)

A few old pros are popping out, now is the time to sharpen your skills and come back to the greatest AFPS there is!

Such a fast game running at 250FPS with no mouse input lag will blow your mind if you give it a try! :)

Join us!