Drejjk 21 years of quake experience, 16 years in q4, training with toxjq on daily basis vs a newcomer who played in God Realm discord for about 6months, is brand new to quake and played a dozen of duels with Sanchez?

Who is gonna win?

How many duels drejjk won vs Sanchez in the last 2 years?))
After he bragged he gonna win Sanchez (not even one map)
The poor fuck is still bragging about 2 maps, when he got raped on 200 maps with scores from 60-0 to 95-0

Drejk tell everyone how you avoid and dodge playing anyone strong on ranked ladder and only add second forever.

Pussy Flat Earther Noob

Sanchez rapes you

But now even Sanchez students rape you lol

Now you are exiled to sit in half dead shit discord together with bipolar moron Falcuma