When I first tried quake 4 this summer, I noticed that this game is much faster and much harder than any other quake, with a much smaller hitbox, and more complex movement.

But what I saw in next 3-6 months was amazing. My skill has progressed leaps and bounds and much faster than after playing any other quake.

I have spent a year in QC and my skill was barely progressing, I have played q1,q2,q3 and qlive and progressed but slowly.

Yet after playing 6 months in Q4 I have grown and matured, my aim got at least twice stronger. I played versus Sanchez whom I think is the strongest quake player that ever existed in the history of this planet.
I have even played Rapha and Raisy few times, but Sanchez is a completely different feeling, you die every 5 seconds, you cannot move under his LG and his rail is not missing ever, it feels like aimbot, except aimbots, don't hit as hard as this monster.

Anyway, the thing I noticed is that I have become a much stronger player, now that I come to QC or Qlive people call me cheater, and I easily hit 45-50%+ and above. I also felt it is much easier to play.