As there is massive brain damage spreading around "quake gaming communities that discredit our everything"

I found it necessary to clarify some things.

LG Aim

LG is a weapon that has an overshot value, due to it having a rate of fire of 20 (in qlive/qc) or 25 (in q4) shots per second. When you kill an opponent some shots go overboard after the opponent is already dead, the usual overshot value is 5 in noob live, and 7 in q4.

Let's take an example with a real duel and quake 4 from my vods.;sort=time

It takes 17-18 shots to frag a guy with full hp from respawning.
6-7 shots is an overshot value

so 100 bullets gave 3 full frags, as they are instant from respawn, it's 18 per frag.

55 shots / 100 - minus overshot value (7x3) 55/79= real value = 69.7% LG in Quake 4 240hz Duel

Yeah, I hit about 70% LG in a duel all the time on just 0.1% power or less.


But let's take a qlive noob scenario, not a duel. I won't take the "vamp" scenario. But will take the usual "ca" scenario.

You hit "same" 55% on 300hp. LG does 6 dmg per tick, that's 50 ticks + 5 ticks overshot value as LG fire rate in qlive is slower.

So 50 hits out of 91 shots minus 5 overshot, or 50/86 is 58%

At same 55/100 bullets hit in qlive the actual aim is 58% and in q4 the actual aim is 69.7%.

Let me tell you there is a big difference between 70% LG and 58% LG.
This is an ideal scenario round up, because when people don't have full HP in a duel, and you kill them, LG rounds up much lower.

45hp guy you hit 70% LG that is 7 shots out of 10 + 7 shots overshot, 7/17 = 41%

You hit 71% LG and it shows 41% in stats.


If you kill the non-moving target in q4 hitting 100% LG several times in row it will only show 72-75% in stats as an overshot value of 6-7 shots takes place.

The same thing will show 93% if you do it on full hp target in qlive Clan Arena.

The reason people get 70-80% numbers on robot/scale in QC is not just because the model is huge, but because its fat as fuck and overshot value compared to LG hits is minor.

Some people fake higher LG stat by not killing an opponent if you don't kill there is no overshot value.

Vamp stat further inflates LG %

Some people who wank on stats accuwhore the overshot value itself, by timing the press of a button.

The overshot value is higher in duels than in any "training lobby" as in duels you must make sure to kill an opponent.

Your LG % in the thunderstruck scenario is further down the road irrelevant as it does not guarantee you will be able to hit even weak opponent in a real duel with a variety of weapons and no huge open space.

If you want to get an aim accreditation or a verification, you are welcome to come to quake 4 and play duels with any regular and ordinary players here, who never claim that they are "the best in the world" and e.t.c.