The current iteration of Quake Champions duel mode has been revealed by Russian YouTube channel C-c-combo Breaker!, which features a match between QC Lead Designer United States of America Adam "SyncError" Pyle, and new QC Esports Manager United States of America John "ZeRo4" Hill.

As broken down by PlusForward, QC Duel works as follows:

- Matches are best of 3 rounds. 2 rounds wins the match.
- At the start of the match each player picks three champions. The same champion cannot be picked more than once, and each player can have the same champions.
- After each death you respawn with your remaining champions, pickups are reset at the end of each round.
- Rounds last until one player has lost with all three champion picks, or until the timelimit is hit in which the player with more champions left wins the round. In case of a tie, the game heads into sudden death OT.