My friend and I started playing Quake live just a while ago. We come from a counter-strike background at which he is really good.

I started earlier than him with quake, therefore in the beginning I was winning most of the matches. Now, as he knows the maps pretty well he is starting to win most of the duels.

Until now we just knew 3-4 maps (Bloodrun, Campgrounds, hektik and Cure), but this is probably irrelevant.

The matches are close, but eventhough most of the time I have a much better stack than him, he just outaims me, hitting 3-4 rails in a row.

His aim is sick, and there is hardly a way I can get close enough.

I started using the shotgun in really close combats against his rail, but then again, he takes out the LG and outaims me again.

Do you have any advice or strategy to apply against a player with much better aim?

Thanks for advices.