Hello everyone,

Many of you may have lately noticed the various unfortunate events that have taken place in our QuakeLive community.

1) HOQ TDM this season was pretty devastating. Teams couldn't gather players and many clans decided to drop. Streamers barely casted 1/3 games.
2) #tdmpickup has taken a hit and has dropped from around 200 average connected players on the channel to an average of 150 and sometimes less than 130 at nights.
3) #capickup has completely stopped and has not had a single game in over 2 months
4) #ctfpickup is struggling to gather 8 players for a game (barely a couple of games a day)
5) the duel scene has gone pretty inactive.
6) Most top notch streamers have stopped caring or have other priorities (zoot, disrepute, ddk, etc)
7) Surely other events I can't think of atm

We are reaching the point where we every player counts, and where imho we are on the verge of reaching particularly low numbers leading to a flee of the very few players left.

To all those who still love this game and who always have, wether it is old school players are recent new blood, I urge everyone to make a move.

If you love this game and wish to keep it from becoming what Quakeworld, Quake2 and Quake4 have become then now is the time to act.

Everyone can contribute in some way, wether it is motivating old school players you know to come back or simply playing a few games yourselves....

Think of the nostalgic old days where clanbase would host an opencup with over 125 teams whilst hosting eurocup and nations cup at the same time just in TDM...

Any suggestions are welcome to boost this community and help avoid an actual end which imo is on the brink of taking place.