DOOM will be released on May 13th.
Overwatch will be released on May 24th.

A few top players from Quakelive are already playing Overwatch Beta. And the fact the game is made by Blizzard gives some nice hopes for big esport competitions. I guess ESL, ESWC (if it's not dying?) and smaller companies will jump in the hype train and propose even more tournaments very soon, probably some on LAN.

DOOM, which is mostly a single player game, also aims at multiplayer and could have some place in future QuakeCons (even though nothing was announced for qcon 2016).

So... What's the future for Quakelive ?

DOOM 3, PainKiller, ShootMania, Quake 4, UT3 and others have passed, but nothing could really break the quake3/live core community.

I'm really surprised Quakelive competitions have been living some long after ESL dropped the game at the beginning of 2012. I didn't expect FACEIT, 125 FPS, ZOWIE, (QuakeCon), zee russians and others to come forward that much with decent results.

But I fear this new wave will have a bigger impact then the previous games on Quakelive...