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Rating: 8.7 (45 votes)
Description by Spain santile:
"This movie simply showcases some runs done by a few Q3df.org players. However this time I got rid of the run time overlay, hoping to make the action more clear. You can see the runtimes and download the demos below ;)

I decided to make it a series, hopefully having more regular content on my youtube channel. You can also enjoy 5 different audio tracks if you download the original movie, just in case this one isn't of your taste (I even included a metal one :o)

Other than that, it's the same old boring formula : show runs, some recams here and there, a bit of CC ... I focused a bit more on the synchronization this time, however I am far from mastering it :D"

Links: Demos, Q3df.org, movie on igmdb.org, Thanks and shoutouts