i had about half my posts removed; one what from the "why are people so rude" thread, when the OP posted "i'm too busy to change all 1500 of you" , i replied "do you *have* to change us?".

(note that i had been defending said QL player until then)

i fail to see the offensive nature of that post.

i also posted in a thread about someone complaining about post deletion, and suggested that "go to esreality for a forum without censorship"..

obvious deleted is obvious.

anyway, i'm not sure, sycnerror or who, is responsible for this new wave of nazism, but if you have them in your friends list give them a shout that this is not acceptable.

(in lieu of not acceptable you can use the words: bad, disrespectful, immature, paranoid, oppressive, or any other negative emotion you feel like expressing).