Aircontrol had a big debate, so let's do one for switch time

why, why does everyone here automatically think delayed is better and more tactical?

"you get punished for not switching in time, duh"
same thing happens with instant switch, duh

"it's a hard skill to be perfect at"
how come old pros had it down pat and rarely made mistakes.
they had 1/10th the playtime of modern pros and they had no issues with it. usually, when pros make a mistake nowadays it's because theyre strafe jumping around, stumble onto the other player, and end up being late with their switch.
you rarely ever see pros make mistakes when they're melee fighting

delayed switch isnt some deep skill like fanboys want you to believe and using instant switch wouldn't ruin anything.

instant switch automatically makes tdm better because it puts a bigger price on power weapons(that's a fact, jack).

instaswitch also opens the game up to more possibilities. Imagine what cypher would be capable of if he played cpma instead of ql