This news has been edited, so if you didnt read today, read it again. is proud to announce QL NationsCup Winter 2013/2014. Admins have been selected from experienced and respected members of the community.

Signups begin December 15th, 2013. Those desiring a position as captain should register on and contact brajente via email explaining the gametype and what nation for which they wish to apply as captain.
We will create your nationsteam and invite you to that team. You will get the captain status from us.

Every team-captain has to be on our irc-channel to be in contact with us.

We will have a fixed schedule for this nationscup, that it won't be delayed to long.
Planned is:
Wednesday @ 21.00 cet CA Nationscup
Sunday @ 20.30 cet TDM Nationscup
Sunday @ 21.45 cet CTF Nationscup

We will give out some tokens which have been sponsored by Idsoftware for the winners of their gamemods.

Admins, team captains, and streamer are required to be in the official basearena IRC channel (#basearena on Quakenet), and all admins, team captains, streams, and players are required to provide their QuakeLive usernames in their basearena profiles. Final rules will be published when sign-ups open.

Users with active streams interested in streaming QL Nationscup games should contact spenzer in #basearena on Quakenet.

Links: // mIRC#basearena