I remember a RSI thread from "jum8o".

he had RSI problems, then he had to go to army for one year or so, so he was forced to take a break from playing.
when he came back and played again, his RSI came back immediately.

in my case, i had problems for a long time(years) finding the right position for my keyboard(only wrist on table, whole forearm on table, half forearm on table and so on).
my forearm felt kinda numb and discomfortably after some time of playing.
only recently, after checking different muscles for triggerpoints described in the triggerpointbook, i worked on the pec. maj. and felt how it projected in the forearm.

after the first massages, the muscle was swollen so much that it looked like i would using roids. :D
only on my otherwise weak left side tho.


"tennis elbow", "carpal tunnel syndrome" and stuff like that...

can be caused, or are only caused(like it's written in the book i'm reading http://www.amazon.com/Trigger-Point-Therapy-W...amp;sr=1-2 ) by triggerpoints.


too lazy, somebody take over plz. :p

my main point is though, it doesn't have to be the arm itself which causes pain and numbness in it while playing too much, the pain can also come from triggerpoints in the pectoralis maj. and min. and the latissimus dorsi, and other muscles which then project the pain to the arm.

you can stretch the arm and hand as much as you want, the pain will remain.

here are some examples http://www.triggerpoints.net/symptoms-arms-hands.htm

[ergomomic advise]
top of monitor even lower than eyes, because it's more relaxing for the eyes to look down.
the eyes doesn't dry out so soon too, because when looking down, they aren't as wide open(try yourself).

[exercise advise]
"do u even lift!?"
i do, but i'd rather didn't do anything at all, then to do it wrong and unbalanced for so long.
alot of my personal RSI(and overall) related triggerpoint problems, come from benchpress and chinups.