As i'm actually bored to play CA, I tried to join a few TDM pickups.
It was fun ! Cool experience, even if i was stomped.

So i decided to focus on this mode, i spent a few hours reading tutorials and watching some demo.
Problem : even if i understand the dynamics i can't reach the goal i fixed to myself at the beginning of the game. I tried to mimick the position of well known players but i failed each time.
In fact i do better running with my MG brainless than when i try to control/time a weapon and some armor.

I know i'm not an aimbeast, i'm only an average/low player, but i know i can do a lot better :D

Is anyone kind enough to help me ? i need someone who tells me what i do wrong/what i should do.
Maybe we could join the same pickup and talk about the game while playing ?

Link to my QL account : http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/summary/R_Type