I guess you could say I'm the new girl, heh. I have played Quake since my dad showed it to me in 2004. A few of my girl friends play weekly LANs, even though they want to play CS and LoL, but we do play some QL (and yes, there ARE naked pillow fights, hehe, and yes, i do enjoy them!).

Look boys, if you want your mean old cranky girlfriends to stop telling their friends and families how you neglect them, you should probably whisper sweet nothings into their ears every so often to remind them of how much you care about them: just enough to say meaningless stuff when you notice their moods are shifting! The trick to a successful relationship is pandering to their gender identities, using their culturally ingrained attributes to maneuver yourself into a superior defensible position, so that any opportunity they have to question your motivation is rebuffed just by the question having been asked at all.

Women are messed up, man. They're always like, hey, video games wtf, hehe. To which I say: videogames? ytf (yes, the fuck!). Maybe your girlfriends don't appreciate gaming, but there are some girls out there (like me, hehe, yes, in case you haven't noticed, I am a girl) who really understand how it feels to immerse yourself in another universe, to pretend that real life is actually being a big, strong soldier shooting long, skinny rockets at the backside of another big, strong, alien soldier. Mmm, just thinking about it makes me tingle.

So just remember, if your girl doesn't like games, it just means that your quota for attention hasn't been fulfilled. Eventually, if you stick with the relationship long enough, you'll get a feel for that quota, just like timing a super health, and you'll know exactly when you need to be there. Then you can spend the rest of the time playing QuackLife with me. :D hehe, j/k.