We start 125 FPS July League Playoff Stage, welcome!

8 players at 1/8, and 4 players waiting them at /14, BO5 before final and BO7 at final (no bronze match) , mappool 7 maps, start at 11:00 CDT. Droping of maps until required amount is left, then picking for the order. See playoff bracket.

Cup Admins: Yavich, Nico, Rell, Xron (search on IRC or write to admin@125fps.com)
Streams: United Kingdom Zoot, Russia 125_FPS, France aAaTV
Links: United Kingdom Announce and full info, Quali Round,1st GS, 2nd GS, Russia Cup Website, Application, mIRC #125fps, France ESFR announcement, 125 FPS twitter